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Luis Falcon

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I’m a physician and computer scientist. I graduated in Computer Science and Mathematics from the California State University (USA) and in Medicine from IUCS, Buenos Aires (Argentina). I have Master’s degree in Genomics and Medical Genetics by the University of Granada (Spain). I am the medical director of the Center for Precision Medicine and Integrative Health – PrecisionMed – in Spain.

I love Free/Libre Software, Open Science and open access in the scientific community. I believe in freedom, privacy and equity and in healthcare. That lead me to write GNU Health (, the free health and hospital information system and to create GNU Solidario, a humanitarian NGO for the advancement of Social Medicine.

My research interests include genomics, bioinformatics, health informatics, and exposomics. I recently started the Stiletto project, a computational model of the cerebral perforating arteries in health and disease.

I love animals and I fight for the abolition of any sort of discrimination against human and non-human animals. All of us, regardless of our species, have the right to live a happy life in freedom and with dignity. I strongly oppose to animal experimentation in research. Science and society can not -and will not- evolve on the basis of cruel, oppressive, anachronistic practices. I created the Global Exposome Project as a portal for modern, human-relevant, compassionate biomedical research.

I have spent periods of my life living in California, Madrid, Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires. In my NGO, I have traveled around the world, meeting and learning from people of different cultures and realities, one of the most enriching and humbling experiences.

I am now happily settled in Gran Canaria, coding, practicing medicine and loving nature.

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Title Day Room Track Start End
GNU Health. Incorporating Digital Public Goods in the European healthcare system
Saturday AW1.120 Public Code and Digital Public Goods devroom 16:15 16:30