Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Volker Simonis

Photo of Volker Simonis

Volker Simonis is a Principal Software Engineer in the Corretto team at Amazon Web Services. He works on Java Virtual Machines for almost all of his professional life and joined the OpenJDK project in 2007 right after its inception. Volker has served on the OpenJDK Governing Board and is an OpenJDK Member, Reviewer, and Committer. Before Amazon he worked for SAP, Sun Microsystems, and the University of Tübingen, from where he holds a Master's and PhD degree in Computer Science. He represented SAP and now Amazon on the JCP Executive Committee and was a member of the JCP Expert Groups for Java SE 9 to 13. He is a passionate speaker at conferences around the globe and can be contacted on Twitter as @volker_simonis


Title Day Room Track Start End
Zeroing and the semantic gap between host and guest
Saturday UB5.132 Free Java devroom 15:50 16:15