Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Open source to IRL whale card game

How open source helped me create a physical card game

How open source gave life to a physical cards project and raised funds to help saving whales.

Inkscape helps to create digital designs from paper, machine learning balances the rules of the game, golang and TUI make the game virtual and webgl creates music with whales singing in the ocean.

Drawing entousiast I created a set of whales designs that I liked.

Talking with a friend I encontered a nice ML project about card games

This helped me to create a ml version to explore rules of the game The created bots showed that the number of card available in the game would change the strategy of players, knowing that I could choose to balance the rules so that new players could win too !

Helped by the golang community I could create A TUI version :

Fascinated by the sounds of whales is the sea I decided to create a sampler to use singing whales to create music :