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Community (12)

Making a community-managed FOSS project sustainable in the medium- to long-term
Strategies and tactics Saturday 10:00 11:00
Empowered for Action: Making open Science Practical in the Global South. Caleb Kibet Saturday 11:00 11:30
pyOpenSci - Building a Diverse Community Around Peer Reviewed and Usable Scientific Python lwasser Saturday 11:30 12:15
We've got issues
or how we learnt to squish our bugs
Kat Gerasimova Saturday 12:15 13:00
Tearing down Barriers for Contributions by Non-coders and Newcomers Dan Čermák Saturday 13:00 13:45
State of Mental Health In Unprecedented Times Shivam Singhal Saturday 13:45 14:30
How to ask Good Questions in Open Source Communities
Better questions leads to better answers, saves time and makes you more productive
Navendu Pottekkat Saturday 14:30 15:00
Establishing an incentivised partners programme in an open source project Ruth Cheesley Sunday 13:30 14:30
Celebrating failure or success? Why not both? Ixchel Ruiz Sunday 14:30 15:15
How Implicit Bias Affects Diversity and Inclusion in Open Source. Anita Ihuman Sunday 15:30 16:15
Are we being inclusive with our community recognitions? Ray Paik Sunday 16:15 17:00 slides
Enabling Next Gen of Diverse Maintainers and Employees Through Mentorship Bartek Plotka, Prem Saraswat Sunday 17:00 18:00

Miscellaneous (11)

Being Cloud-Native with your Logs using Fluentd
Get more from your logging
Phil Wilkins M.misc Saturday 11:00 12:00
State of Open Source Databases
A discussion on the changes, trends, and database technologies that are going to impact your business in the next 12-18 months.
Peter Zaitsev M.misc Saturday 12:00 12:30
D.I.Y. Distributions
On the amazing madness of rolling your own flavour of Linux
Stephan Hohmann M.misc Saturday 13:00 14:00
[R]Evolution of open source CI/CD tools
How do Open Source and DevOps cultures impact CI/CD?
Oleg Nenashev M.misc Saturday 14:00 15:00
A participative IDS/IPS
Thibault Koechlin M.misc Saturday 15:00 16:00
Open Source Network Automation in 2022
How to build a Network Automation strategy around Open Source tooling
Christian Adell Querol M.misc Saturday 16:00 16:45
Implementing the NTFS filesystem in Rust
Reusable code from firmware level up to user-mode
Colin Finck M.misc Saturday 17:00 18:00
All the World's a Stage and FOSS is playing many parts
With the spotlight of the world's Governments shining on security, sustainability and software, how will FOSS survive the limelight?
Amanda Brock M.misc Sunday 10:00 11:00
The Business Of Open Source
How big money, investors, and greed are changing open source forever
Matt Yonkovit M.misc Sunday 11:00 12:00
European digital sovereignty and open source
How Europe is regulating big tech and what's in it for FLOSS
Vittorio Bertola M.misc Sunday 12:00 12:45
Debunking The Myths About The Raku® Language
Let's talk about some common misconceptions about the Raku language and why it is not Perl6 anymore
Vadim Belman M.misc Sunday 15:00 16:00

Real Time Communications (6)

The Future of WebRTC
New APIs, WHIP, edge and web 2.5
Tim Panton M.rtc Saturday 11:00 11:45
WebRTC broadcasting with WHIP Lorenzo Miniero M.rtc Saturday 12:00 12:45
On the Far Side of REST
An Architecture for a Future Internet
Jens Finkhaeuser M.rtc Saturday 13:00 14:00 slides
A FOSS cross-platform push notifications protocol
Karmanyaah Malhotra M.rtc Saturday 14:00 14:45
Backgrounds are blurry, but the future is clear
More AI and ML in WebRTC applications
Ravindhran Sankar M.rtc Saturday 15:00 15:45
Introduction to Media Streaming Mesh
Enabling Real-Time Media Applications in Kubernetes
Giles Heron M.rtc Saturday 16:00 16:30 slides

Security (8)

Seamless Kernel Update
Seamless kernel update practice in linux based on kexec and criu
Longjun Luo Sunday 10:00 10:20
secPaver: Security Policy Development Tool HuaxinLu Sunday 11:00 11:25
Why safe programming matters and why Rust
Fast, safe and sustainable programming with Rust
Deepu K Sasidharan Sunday 12:00 12:40
The distinctive qualities of Software Bill of Materials Sebastian Crane Sunday 13:00 13:45
Trousseau - the Kubernetes Key Management Service provider
How to keep all your Kubernetes secrets safe the native way
Romuald Vandepoel Sunday 14:00 14:45
What I wish I knew about security when I started programming Allon Mureinik Sunday 15:00 15:45 slides
Secure Communication with Tls Bruce Momjian Sunday 16:00 17:00
Watch and control your blind spots
Peter Czanik Sunday 17:00 17:45

Lightning Talks (19)

Tracking your time with Timewarrior Thomas Lauf L.lightningtalks Saturday 13:00 13:20
Reconfigure from all over
The case of interdisciplinary open-source communities
Bradly Alicea L.lightningtalks Saturday 13:20 13:40 slides
Measuring and analyzing humidity data using Python, syslog-ng and Elasticsearch Peter Czanik L.lightningtalks Saturday 13:40 14:00
Jupyter for React.js developers
React.js components to build your custom data product with Jupyter
Eric Charles L.lightningtalks Saturday 14:00 14:20
C meta-programming for the masses with C%: cmod Sirio Bolaños Puchet L.lightningtalks Saturday 14:20 14:35 slides
Introduction to qbe
A lightweight compiler backend
Drew DeVault L.lightningtalks Saturday 14:40 15:00 slides
InterPlanetary Wheels
A resilient approach to distributing software
Huy Ngo L.lightningtalks Saturday 15:00 15:20 slides other
Making the web preservable with open source tools
An overview of Webrecorder tools
Ilya Kreymer L.lightningtalks Saturday 15:20 15:40
Let's escape this vicious circle Hendrik Niefeld L.lightningtalks Saturday 15:40 16:00 slides
Generating virtual 3D exhibitions from Wikipedia
Let's dive into some rabbit holes with The Everything Exhibition!
blinry, bleeptrack L.lightningtalks Saturday 16:00 16:20
Open source to IRL whale card game (python/Golang/WebGL)
How open source helped me create a physical card game
pmalhaire L.lightningtalks Sunday 13:00 13:20
NetOTA - repository protocol for embedded systems
The sweet spot between global stores and latest-image URLs
Zygmunt Krynicki L.lightningtalks Sunday 13:20 13:40 slides
Rapid Prototyping of a Positioning System
Using the OpenHPS Framework
Maxim Van de Wynckel L.lightningtalks Sunday 13:40 14:00
Car Whispering: the AI Mechanic
TinyML Audio Event Detection
Eoin Jordan L.lightningtalks Sunday 14:00 14:20
Oniro project, the new IoT platform from Eclipse Foundation
How to transform existing impediments towards a healthier competition in the IoT & Edge space
toscalix L.lightningtalks Sunday 14:20 14:40
Manage workloads on disconnected far edge
Edge Computing.
parsingh L.lightningtalks Sunday 14:40 15:00
A lightning intro to re-Isearch
re-Isearch, the 27 year old new kid on the search block
Edward Zimmermann L.lightningtalks Sunday 15:00 15:20
An open-source, open-access web platform implementing international standards for the quantification of light
Somang Nam L.lightningtalks Sunday 15:20 15:35
aretext: minimalist text editor with vim-compatible key bindings Will Daly L.lightningtalks Sunday 15:40 16:00

BOFs (0)

Certification (0)

Ada devroom (14)

Introduction to the Ada devroom D.ada Sunday 10:00 10:15
Introduction to Ada for Beginning and Experienced Programmers Jean-Pierre Rosen D.ada Sunday 10:15 11:15
Ada looks good, now program a game without knowing anything Stefan Hild D.ada Sunday 11:20 11:45
The Ada numerics model Jean-Pierre Rosen D.ada Sunday 11:45 12:20
2022 Alire Update Fabien Chouteau, Alejandro R. Mosteo D.ada Sunday 12:25 12:50
A lightweight development framework for the implementation of Ada-based software systems
Gabriele Galeotti D.ada Sunday 12:50 13:15 slides
Use (and abuse?) of Ada 2022 features in designing a JSON-like data structure Alejandro R. Mosteo D.ada Sunday 13:15 13:40
Getting started with AdaWebPack Max Reznik D.ada Sunday 13:45 14:10 slides
Overview of Ada GUI Jeffrey Carter D.ada Sunday 14:10 14:50
SPARKNaCl: A verified, fast re-implementation of TweetNaCl Roderick Chapman D.ada Sunday 14:50 15:50 slides
The Outsider's Guide to Ada
Lessons from Learning Ada in 2021
Paul Jarrett D.ada Sunday 15:55 16:25
Proving the Correctness of GNAT Light Runtime Library Yannick Moy D.ada Sunday 16:25 17:05 slides
Implementing a Build Manager in Ada Stephane Carrez D.ada Sunday 17:05 17:30
Exporting Ada software to Python and Julia
Applying GPRbuild to make shared object files
Jan Verschelde D.ada Sunday 17:30 17:55

Apache OpenOffice devroom (6)

Project Overview 2021/22 Peter Kovacs D.apache-openoffice Saturday 11:00 11:45
Revisiting the Linux packaging for Apache OpenOffice Andrea Pescetti D.apache-openoffice Saturday 11:45 12:30
How can it go on?
Mechtilde Stehmann D.apache-openoffice Saturday 12:30 13:15
How to build OpenOffice today
Virtual machines and containers
Arrigo Marchiori D.apache-openoffice Saturday 15:00 15:45
The way to a new build Environment
goto SCONS
Peter Kovacs D.apache-openoffice Saturday 15:45 16:30
Apache OpenOffice Verification Testing
Build and Functional Testing with JUnit
Carl Marcum D.apache-openoffice Saturday 16:30 17:15

BSD devroom (2)

Firmware updates for OPNsense and pfSense with fwupd/LVFS
Secure firmware for routers with the BSD based operating systems
Norbert Kamiński D.bsd Sunday 10:00 10:35
Gaming with Steam on FreeBSD / GhostBSD
Suyimazu, automates the playing of Steam Games on FreeBSD/ GhostBSD eliminates all the manual setup to make a game playable on FreeBSD/ GhostBSD makes use of WINE.
Fred Finster D.bsd Sunday 11:00 12:00 other

Collaboration and Content Management devroom (8)

Oniro - an open-source starter for fast-paced IoT environments
A retrospective on an open-source project development
Ettore Chimenti, Sebastian Serewa D.collab Saturday 10:30 11:00
Making CryptPad more interoperable with common office formats
David Benque D.collab Saturday 11:00 11:30
Tracim, the helping hand for all your collaboration needs
Come discover Tracim and its architecture
Sébastien Grignard D.collab Saturday 11:30 12:00
XWiki as an FOSS alternative to Confluence and Notion
Status in 2021: realtime editing, livedata feature, confluence migrator and macros
Ludovic Dubost, Anca Luca D.collab Saturday 13:30 14:30
Nextcloud in 2021
Overview of 3 releases and a bit under a million features
Jos Poortvliet D.collab Saturday 14:30 15:30
Introducing ONLYOFFICE Forms for paperwork automation and smart collaboration Alex Mikheev D.collab Saturday 15:30 16:00
How to overcome development challenges when building self-hosted collaboration platform
Our experience with Carbonio Community Edition
Domenico Stragliotto, Davide Baldo D.collab Saturday 16:00 16:30
Deploying Containerised Open-Source CSP platforms
Alfresco and Nuxeo in action!
Angel Borroy D.collab Saturday 16:30 17:30

Computer Aided Modeling and Design devroom (10)

Advanced PCB simulation with KiCad
Introduction to IBIS and FEM-based simulations
Fabien Corona D.cad Saturday 10:00 10:40 slides
FreeCAD Link Branch Development
What's done and what's to come
Florin Curelariu, LEI ZHENG D.cad Saturday 11:00 12:00
LibrePCB Status Update Urban Bruhin D.cad Saturday 12:00 12:20
ngspice - current status and future developments Holger Vogt D.cad Saturday 12:20 12:40
KiCad Project Update D.cad Saturday 12:40 13:40 slides
Hacking through BIM models
A BIM-oriented hacking session featuring FreeCAD, BlenderBIM and more...
Yorik van Havre D.cad Saturday 13:40 14:00
Open CASCADE Technology status update Alexander Malyshev, Vera Sdobnova D.cad Saturday 14:00 14:20 slides
Sparselizard 2021.11 - your multiphysics FEM simulation tool Alexandre Halbach D.cad Saturday 14:20 14:40
The CadQuery Ecosystem
A sampling of community projects and extensions
Jeremy Wright D.cad Saturday 14:40 15:00 slides slides
Pushing the Open Source Hardware Limits with KiCAD
OSHW industrial grade computers and servers running cloud, medical and IoT services without hiding secrets in the hardware
Tsvetan Usunov D.cad Saturday 15:00 15:20 slides

Conference Organisation devroom (8)

Welcome to the Conference Organisation Dev Room Kyle Robbertze D.conference Saturday 11:45 11:50
Free tools that help you run online events in an effective way Francisco Picolini D.conference Saturday 11:50 12:20
DebConf Conference Infrastructure Kyle Robbertze D.conference Saturday 12:30 13:00
Using OBS, Jitsi and Kdenlive to stream and edit conference videos Johan Thelin D.conference Saturday 13:10 13:40
Lessons from 6 Virtual Ansible Contributor Summits
a.k.a. I don't know how to come up with a fancy title, I just tell it like it is.
Carol Chen D.conference Saturday 13:50 14:20
FOSS Events Primer
Get Out There and Run One!
Deb Nicholson D.conference Saturday 14:30 15:10
Using pgeu-system to manage your conference Johan Thelin D.conference Saturday 15:20 16:20
FOSDEM Conference Infrastructure Wouter Verhelst D.conference Saturday 16:30 17:00

Containers devroom (16)

Boot2container: An initramfs for reproducible infrastructures
Who needs host OSes for containers anyway?
Martin Roukala D.containers Sunday 10:00 10:30 slides
Debugging in containers
Using containers to facilitate debugging by end users
Daniel Black D.containers Sunday 10:35 11:05
Devfile file format
Containerized development environment specification
Mario Loriedo D.containers Sunday 11:10 11:30
Distributed Storage in the Cloud Peter Zaitsev D.containers Sunday 11:35 12:05
Extending Kubernetes with WebAssembly
Making Kubernetes Dynamic Admission Control even more Dynamic Using WebAssembly
Rafael Fernández López D.containers Sunday 12:10 12:20 slides
Freedom Means That Kubernetes Needs To Disappear Viktor Farcic D.containers Sunday 12:25 12:55
Harbor - The Container Registry
Harbor 101
Orlin Vasilev D.containers Sunday 13:00 13:30
How I learned to stop worrying and love Flatcar’s auto-update Thilo Fromm D.containers Sunday 13:35 14:05
A cloud native Kubernetes Global Balancer
Introduction to k8gb
Jiří Kremser D.containers Sunday 14:10 14:40 slides
P2P Container Image Distribution on IPFS With Containerd and Nerdctl Kohei Tokunaga D.containers Sunday 14:45 15:05
Redpak: Ultra light weight container for embedded systems Clément BENIER D.containers Sunday 15:10 15:30 slides
Solutions for running MySQL in Kubernetes Mykola Marzhan D.containers Sunday 15:35 16:05
Userland TCP/IP stack for external container connectivity Christophe Fergeau D.containers Sunday 16:10 16:30 slides
What made your container fat?
Visualizing the size of Container Layers
Dan Čermák D.containers Sunday 16:35 16:45
An easy and elegant way to manage and build your notebook images Kuan Lin Huang D.containers Sunday 16:50 17:10
From Singularity to Apptainer Forrest Burt D.containers Sunday 17:15 17:45

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment devroom (15)

Interoperability in the Continuous Delivery space with CDEvents Andrea Frittoli, Erik Sternerson D.cicd Sunday 10:00 10:40
How to improve the developer experience in Heptapod/GitLab
Automate the dull works to focus on development
Noé Gaumont D.cicd Sunday 10:40 11:00 slides
Decentralized DevOps with Unfurl Adam Souzis D.cicd Sunday 11:00 11:40
Git Credentials binding for sh, bat, and powershell
Support Git authentication in Jenkins Pipeline
Harshit Chopra D.cicd Sunday 11:40 12:00 slides
CICD using jenkins and Nomad Bram Vogelaar D.cicd Sunday 12:00 12:40
Leveraging Windows Containers in Your Kubernetes-Native CI/CD Pipelines Markus Lippert D.cicd Sunday 12:40 13:00
Kickoff Terraform CI / CD into the Cloud Michel Schildmeijer D.cicd Sunday 13:00 13:40
Massive Unikernel Matrices with Unikraft, Concourse and More
How Unikraft builds many peremutations of unique unikernels
Alexander Jung D.cicd Sunday 13:40 14:00
Masking known issues across six kernel CI systems Nikolai Kondrashov D.cicd Sunday 14:00 14:40 slides
Multi-master scaling for MariaDB Buildbot Vlad Bogolin D.cicd Sunday 14:40 15:00
OpenTelemetry and CI/CD Victor Martinez, Ivan Fernandez Calvo D.cicd Sunday 15:00 15:40
Porion a new Build Manager Stephane Carrez D.cicd Sunday 15:40 16:00
Jenkins 2022 and beyond
Evolution of the Butler and its community, sans coupures
Oleg Nenashev D.cicd Sunday 16:00 16:40
Using Kubernetes API To Manage Everything
Explore the principles behind the universal control plane implemented through the open-source project Crossplane.
Viktor Farcic D.cicd Sunday 16:40 17:00
Unifying Infrastructure and Application Delivery Using Keptn Thomas Schuetz D.cicd Sunday 17:00 17:30

Dart and Flutter devroom (4)

Make the code work for you: Flutter Code Generation Mangirdas Kazlauskas D.dart-flutter Saturday 13:15 13:55
The beautiful world of Flutter Testing
Introduction to Flutter Testing
Max Weber D.dart-flutter Saturday 13:55 14:55
Building PWA with Flutter Majid Hajian D.dart-flutter Saturday 14:55 15:55
Flutter in the NFT world Arjan van Eersel D.dart-flutter Saturday 16:55 17:25

Declarative and Minimalistic Computing devroom (16)

Declarative and Minimalistic Computing
Entry talk
Manolis Ragkousis, Oliver Propst D.minimalistic Sunday 10:00 10:15
The manifold joys of metaprogramming
In Raku and elsewhere...
Juan Julián Merelo D.minimalistic Sunday 10:15 10:45
A year of RISC-V adventures: embracing chaos in your software journey
How I started from zero and ended up porting a JIT compilation library and assembling files by hand
Ekaitz Zarraga D.minimalistic Sunday 10:45 11:15 slides
How to design powerful DSLs for users
Decisions, decisions, decisions...
John Mercouris D.minimalistic Sunday 11:15 11:45
Declare All Your Needs
Managing computing environment declaratively using GNU Guix
Andrew Tropin D.minimalistic Sunday 11:45 12:15
GNU Guix behind the scene
Continuous integration for the GNU Guix project
Mathieu Othacehe D.minimalistic Sunday 12:15 12:40 slides
Designing a programming language for the desert Troels Henriksen D.minimalistic Sunday 12:40 13:05
From tinyscheme to tr7
how to loose time for glory
José Bollo D.minimalistic Sunday 13:05 13:35 slides
Fuzion Language Update
The marathon run 🏃🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️ from a language prototype to a full implementation and toolchain.
Fridtjof Siebert D.minimalistic Sunday 13:35 14:05
Adventures in Dataflow Hisham Muhammad D.minimalistic Sunday 14:05 14:35
Knowledge Management Through Minimal Syntaxes
Appreciating How Terse Syntaxes Are Capable of Being Combined In Unexpected Ways
Jonathan McHugh D.minimalistic Sunday 14:35 15:05 other other
Lisp, but Beautiful; Lisp for Everyone Christine Lemmer-Webber, Morgan Lemmer-Webber D.minimalistic Sunday 15:05 15:45
Spritely Goblins comes to Guile
Distributed, secure, asynchronous programming
Christine Lemmer-Webber D.minimalistic Sunday 15:45 16:25
Concise Common Workflow Language
Concision and elegance in a workflow language using lisp
Arun Isaac D.minimalistic Sunday 16:25 17:00 slides
A Relational Exploration of McCarthy's 'Amb' William Byrd D.minimalistic Sunday 17:00 17:40
Why everyone needs to know some coding: last-mile sandboxing Kartik Agaram D.minimalistic Sunday 17:40 18:00

Distributions devroom (11)

Unify your distributions
How GNU Guix can run on any of your hardware
Mathieu Othacehe D.distributions Sunday 10:00 10:30 slides
All's well that tests well
An overview of Flatcar Container Linux test framework
Mathieu Tortuyaux D.distributions Sunday 10:30 11:00
Modding the Immutable – how to extend Flatcar, an immutable image-based OS Thilo Fromm D.distributions Sunday 11:00 11:30
Securing and Hardening a container host Sayan Chowdhury D.distributions Sunday 11:30 12:10
How The Distro Needs Change to Help FOSS on Embedded Linux Alexander Sack D.distributions Sunday 12:30 13:30
Eclipse Oniro: A production OS
Focus on your applications again
Amit Kucheria D.distributions Sunday 13:30 14:15
Build and release tools tailored to building, releasing and maintaining Linux distributions and forks Mustafa Gezen D.distributions Sunday 14:15 14:55
CentOS Stream: stable and continuous Aleksandra Fedorova D.distributions Sunday 15:00 15:40
DOs and DON'Ts when building a Yocto based distribution
What we have learned in a year of building Oniro
Bernhard Rosenkränzer D.distributions Sunday 15:45 16:10
Chimera Linux
A BSD/LLVM distro from scratch
Daniel Kolesa D.distributions Sunday 16:15 17:00 slides
Collaboration instead of Competition
The Linux Distributions Working Group at the Open Mainframe Project
Sarah Julia Kriesch D.distributions Sunday 17:00 17:45

Embedded, Mobile and Automotive devroom (15)

Five mysteries in Embedded Linux Josef Holzmayr D.embedded Saturday 12:30 13:00 slides
Back to DirectFB!
The revival of DirectFB with DirectFB2
Nicolas Caramelli D.embedded Saturday 13:00 13:30
Automotive Ethernet PHY bring-up: lessons learned and debug tips Jean-Louis Thekekara D.embedded Saturday 13:30 14:30 slides
Bringing RAUC A/B Updates to More Linux Devices Leon Anavi D.embedded Saturday 14:30 15:00 slides
ply: lightweight eBPF tracing Frank Vasquez D.embedded Saturday 15:00 16:00
Build Systems all the way down.
Untangling OpenEmbedded/meta-zephyr/zephyr integration in Eclipse Oniro
Eilís Ní Fhlannagáin D.embedded Saturday 16:00 16:30 slides
One stop shop: Best Practices for Programming Embedded FPGAs Babar Khan D.embedded Saturday 16:30 17:30
GPIO across Linux and Zephyr kernels
Maximizing code reuse in the example of the Oniro doorlock blueprint
Bernhard Rosenkränzer D.embedded Saturday 17:30 18:00
Eclipse Amlen: Messaging for IoT/Web/Mobile
MQTT Messaging for Fun & Profit
Jon Levell D.embedded Sunday 13:00 13:30
Oniro Blueprints for IoT devices
From open-source seeds to products
Philippe Coval, Andrei Gherzan D.embedded Sunday 13:30 14:00
Astarte: from data collection to fleet management
How Astarte evolved from a broker plugin to an IoT ecosystem
rbino D.embedded Sunday 14:00 15:00
Running an OpenThread Mesh Network with Linux and Zephyr
Transparent IoT Gatway Blueprint of the Oniro Project
Stefan Schmidt D.embedded Sunday 15:00 15:30 slides
Towards UN R155 compliance with open source stack José Bollo D.embedded Sunday 15:30 16:00
Why Embedded Linux Needs a Container Manager Written in C Ricardo Mendoza D.embedded Sunday 16:30 17:00
Over-the-air (OTA) software updates with NVIDIA Jetson Luis Ramirez Vargas D.embedded Sunday 17:00 17:30

Emulator Development devroom (9)

Testing Macromedia director in ScummVM Roland van Laar D.emulator Sunday 10:00 10:45
Z80: the last secrets
Microarchitectural leaks, 45 years later
Anisse Astier D.emulator Sunday 11:00 11:30
Debugging Strategies for Emulator Developers
Are bugs a form of artificial life?
Stefanos Kornilios Mitsis Poiitidis D.emulator Sunday 12:00 13:00
PlayStation 3 Emulation
(Re)implementing the impossible
Alexandro Sanchez Bach D.emulator Sunday 13:00 14:00
Fuzzing, or How I Generated 1,000,000 New Processor Test Cases in an Afternoon
Fill your boots. Then fill somebody else's.
Thomas Harte D.emulator Sunday 14:00 14:15
SquirrelJME, Java Flip Phone Emulation
Preserving the history of obsolete cellular devices
Stephanie Gawroriski D.emulator Sunday 14:30 15:30
Static and Dynamic Analysis for Automatic Emulator Configuration
Or: Not asking the user so many damn questions.
Thomas Harte D.emulator Sunday 15:30 16:30
A Venix/86 emulator
A step in recreating Venix/86 Sources
Warner Losh D.emulator Sunday 16:30 17:15
FEX-Emu: Fast(-er) x86 emulation for AArch64
How we're creating a better gaming experience on ARM
Ryan Houdek D.emulator Sunday 17:15 17:45 slides slides slides

FOSS on Mobile Devices devroom (17)

Mainlining the reMarkable 2 eInk tablet Alistair Francis Saturday 10:10 10:50 slides
Bringing freedom to mobile
Jozef Mlich Saturday 10:50 11:30 slides
Librem 5 phone kernel report Martin Kepplinger Saturday 11:45 12:15
Taking a desktop OS to mobile phones
OpenMandriva now runs on the PinePhone - what did we have to do?
Bernhard Rosenkränzer Saturday 12:30 13:05
2 Years of Mobian
Birth and growth of a mobile Linux distribution
Arnaud Ferraris Saturday 13:30 14:10
Porting mainline Linux to mobile phones Luca Weiss Saturday 14:20 15:00
The road towards using regular linux on ebook readers
Experiences and progress with Kobo/Tolino readers
Andreas Kemnade Saturday 15:20 16:00
Status of camera support on mobile FOSS devices
An open discussion about the state of cameras on Linux-powered mobile devices
Jacopo Mondi Saturday 16:30 18:00
Running Mainline Linux on Snapdragon 410
How we support over 25 devices in postmarketOS
Nikita Travkin Sunday 10:15 10:45
Portable Parens: Graphical Lisp programs for mobile devices
Techniques for building responsive, touch-friendly GUI applications with functional programming paradigms
Sebastian Crane Sunday 11:00 11:40
From Android to mainline on the Snapdragon 845
Extending the life of Android devices with upstream kernels and postmarketOS
caleb Connolly Sunday 12:00 12:30
Linux Mobile vs. The Social Dilemma OIiver Smith Sunday 13:00 13:40
ModemManager in your phone Aleksander Morgado Sunday 13:50 14:30
Welcome to Libadwaita Tobias Bernard Sunday 14:45 15:15
Anatomy of GNOME Calls
What goes into making a call in GNOME Calls
Evangelos Ribeiro Tzaras Sunday 15:30 15:50 slides
Phosh Contributors Get Together
Get to meet the other Phosh contributors
Guido Günther Sunday 16:00 16:30
Closing session Evangelos Ribeiro Tzaras Sunday 16:30 18:00

Free Software Radio devroom (9)

Welcome to the Free Software Radio Devroom Andrej Rode Sunday 13:00 13:10
Opensource WiFi chip (openwifi) progress and future plan Xianjun Jiao Sunday 13:10 13:40
Implementing a GNU Radio/LiteX accelerator using a FPGA-based PCIe co-processor Victor Omoniyi Sunday 13:40 14:00
Emitting Hellschreiber from a Raspberry Pi GPIO: combining gr-hellschreiber with gr-rpitx
GNU Radio running on an embedded board as emitter
Jean-Michel Friedt, Thomas Lavarenne Sunday 14:00 14:30 other paper slides
gr-ofdmradar: OFDM Radar in GNU Radio David Winter Sunday 14:30 15:00
Voyager 1 adventures Daniel Estévez Sunday 15:00 15:30
GR 3.10
Update and examples of new features
Josh Morman Sunday 15:30 16:00 slides
Introducing the M17 Project abraxas3d Sunday 16:00 16:10
P2P SDR to GPU Streaming with Julia and LiteX
High throughput PCIe P2P communication for SDR
Steve Kelly Sunday 16:10 16:40

Friends of OpenJDK devroom (24)

Keeping Your Java Hot & Fresh in 2022 Simon Ritter D.openjdk Saturday 10:00 10:40
Records and Text Blocks: But What Else Is Interesting In OpenJDK 17? Rudy De Busscher D.openjdk Saturday 10:40 11:20
Java Threading Essentials Bazlur Rahman D.openjdk Saturday 11:20 12:00
Let's Talk About Foreign Functions In Java Deepu K Sasidharan D.openjdk Saturday 12:00 12:40
Native Language Access: Project Panama for Newbies Carl Dea D.openjdk Saturday 12:40 13:20
Java Security: Log4J, the SecurityManager, and Funding Erik Costlow D.openjdk Saturday 13:20 14:00
Security Warning: Your Java Attack Surface Just Got Bigger Brian Vermeer D.openjdk Saturday 14:00 14:40
Simple Tweaks To Get The Most Out Of Your JVM Jamie Coleman D.openjdk Saturday 14:40 15:20
TornadoVM: Hardware Acceleration For Java In Practice Thanos Stratikopoulos D.openjdk Saturday 15:20 16:00 slides
Java & Alpaca: A Beautiful Friendship Dmitry Chuyko D.openjdk Saturday 16:00 16:40
Introducing Kotlin In Your Organization
From The Ground Up
Julien Lengrand-Lambert D.openjdk Saturday 16:40 17:20
Fuzion: A New Language For The OpenJDK Unifying Java's Concepts Fridtjof Siebert D.openjdk Saturday 17:20 18:00
Fundamentals Of Diversity & Inclusion For Technologists Reza Rahman D.openjdk Sunday 10:00 10:40
OpenJFX: An Update on Java on the Client Johan Vos D.openjdk Sunday 10:40 11:20
AI Pathfinding In FXGL Game Engine Almas Baimagambetov D.openjdk Sunday 11:20 12:00
Update On Java On The Raspberry Pi Frank Delporte D.openjdk Sunday 12:00 12:40
Benefits Of MQTT For IoT Apps And Beyond Mary Grygleski D.openjdk Sunday 12:40 13:20
Jakarta EE: Present & Future Reza Rahman D.openjdk Sunday 13:20 14:00
Easy Reactive Java Microservices With Spring WebFlux And JHipster Deepu K Sasidharan D.openjdk Sunday 14:00 14:40
Faster Apache Maven Builds Nicolas Frankel D.openjdk Sunday 14:40 15:20
Modern Web Apps, 100% Java: Building Web Apps With Vaadin Marcus Hellberg D.openjdk Sunday 15:20 16:00
Polyglot Cloud Native Debugger: Going Beyond APM Shai Almog D.openjdk Sunday 16:00 16:40
Releasing Fast, Easy, and Consistently Ixchel Ruiz D.openjdk Sunday 16:40 17:20
An Infallible Process to Fix Production Java Apps Vipin Sharma D.openjdk Sunday 17:20 18:00

Geospatial devroom (6)

Introducing a new JS+WebGL map library
Or «why neither Leaflet, OpenLayers nor MapLibreGL meet my needs»
Iván Sánchez Ortega D.geospatial Sunday 10:30 11:15 slides
Explore OSM data with ARLAS
Get instant geo-analytic view of billions OSM data entries
Mohamed Hamou D.geospatial Sunday 11:15 12:00 other other
Open Geodata Digital Spaces
Exploring the digital spaces of OpenStreetMap
Muhammad Saleem D.geospatial Sunday 12:00 12:25 slides
Fast, robust predicates for geometric algorithms
A C++ metaprogramming implementation of fast, robust floating-point arithmetics for geometric predicates
Tinko Sebastian Bartels D.geospatial Sunday 12:25 13:10
A Better Public Transport App Ilya Zverev D.geospatial Sunday 13:10 13:35
Spatial query of coordinate reference systems and its integration with GRASS GIS Huidae Cho D.geospatial Sunday 13:35 14:05

Go devroom (9)

Welome to the Go Devroom Maartje Eyskens D.go Saturday 13:00 13:20
Dissecting Slices, Maps and Channels in Go Jesús Espino D.go Saturday 13:20 13:55
Mastering Your Error Domain
Graceful error handling in Go
Carl Johnson D.go Saturday 13:55 14:30
Go Further Without Wires
WiFi Programming Using TinyGo
Ron Evans D.go Saturday 14:30 15:05
Fun with Finite Automata
Optimising the Go regexp package
Bryan Boreham D.go Saturday 15:05 15:40
Detect Log4shell in No Time with Ragel and Go Leonardo Di Donato D.go Saturday 15:40 16:15
JSON Serialization - The Fine Print
A journey of JSON serialization
Miki Tebeka D.go Saturday 16:15 16:50
Why your next embedded project should be written in Go
Confessions of a recovering C developer
Zygmunt Krynicki D.go Saturday 16:50 17:25
The State of Go
What's new in Go 1.17 and 1.18
Maartje Eyskens D.go Saturday 17:25 18:00

Graphics devroom (5)

LVGL: A versatile UI toolkit for MCU & CPU
An UI framework for Eclipse Oniro a cross kernel OS
Philippe Coval, Gabor Kiss-Vamosi Sunday 10:00 10:25
The status of turnip driver development.
What happened in 2021 and will happen in 2022 for turnip.
Hyunjun Ko Sunday 12:00 12:30
v3dv: Status Update for Open Source Vulkan Driver for Raspberry Pi 4 Alejandro Piñeiro Sunday 13:00 14:00
Fun with border colors in Vulkan
An overview of the story behind VK_EXT_border_color_swizzle
Ricardo Garcia Sunday 15:00 15:30
Optimal buffer allocation on Wayland
linux-dmabuf feedback
Simon Ser Sunday 16:00 17:00

Hardware-Aided Trusted Computing devroom (17)

Welcome, overview, lineup
Jo Van Bulck, Fritz Alder D.trusted-hardware Saturday 10:00 10:05
SGX Enclave Exploits Analysis
Considerations for defensive SGX programming
Jo Van Bulck, Shunda Zhang D.trusted-hardware Saturday 10:05 10:30 slides
Gramine Library OS
Overview, current state and future plans
Dmitrii Kuvaiskii D.trusted-hardware Saturday 10:30 10:55
WebAssembly + Confidential Computing
Enarx first release brings WebAssembly to Confidential Computing
Nick Vidal D.trusted-hardware Saturday 10:55 11:20
Short break
15 minutes
Fritz Alder D.trusted-hardware Saturday 11:20 11:35
Privacy-preserving video object detection in WebAssembly inside Veracruz Guilhem Bryant D.trusted-hardware Saturday 11:35 12:00
Symbolic Validation of SGX enclaves using Guardian
Avoid known enclave vulnerabilities by automatically checking for orderliness​
Pedro Antonino, Wojciech Aleksander Woloszyn D.trusted-hardware Saturday 12:00 12:25
Lunch break
1 hour
Fritz Alder D.trusted-hardware Saturday 12:25 13:25
Logging, debugging and error management in Confidential Computing
Challenges around maintaining confidentiality and integrity when logging
Mike Bursell D.trusted-hardware Saturday 13:25 13:50
Secure boot, TEEs, different OSes and more
Making sense of the trusted computing landscape in Eclipse Oniro embedded distribution
Marta Rybczynska D.trusted-hardware Saturday 13:50 14:15 slides
Arm CCA enablement through the Trusted Firmware community project Jo Van Bulck, Charles Garcia-Tobin, Matteo Carlini D.trusted-hardware Saturday 14:15 14:40
Short break
15 minutes
Fritz Alder D.trusted-hardware Saturday 14:40 14:55
Rethinking the OS for Isolation Flexibility with FlexOS Hugo Lefeuvre D.trusted-hardware Saturday 14:55 15:20
Intravisor -- a hypervisor for fine-grained isolation using CHERI Vasily A. Sartakov, Jo Van Bulck D.trusted-hardware Saturday 15:20 15:45
Developing for the AWS Nitro Enclave Platform
A new Enclave Development Platform (EDP) Target
Raoul Strackx D.trusted-hardware Saturday 15:45 16:10
Short break
20 minutes
Fritz Alder D.trusted-hardware Saturday 16:10 16:30
Process-based abstractions for VM-based environments Marta Rybczynska, Vasily A. Sartakov, Mike Bursell, Jethro G. Beekman, Hugo Lefeuvre D.trusted-hardware Saturday 16:30 17:30

HPC, Big Data, and Data Science devroom (18)

Low-code data visualization and aggregation with OpenSearch Dashboards Olena Kutsenko D.hpc Saturday 10:00 10:30
Uncovering Arcon: A state-first Rust streaming analytics runtime Max Meldrum D.hpc Saturday 10:30 11:00
Build an Open Source Streaming Data Pipeline Olena Kutsenko, Francesco Tisiot D.hpc Saturday 11:00 11:30
Using OpenStack to reduce HPC service complexity
... no, that is not an oxymoron!
John Garbutt D.hpc Saturday 15:00 15:30
Containers in HPC
State of Containers in HPC
Christian Kniep D.hpc Saturday 15:30 16:00
This is The Way- A Crash Course on the Intricacies of Managing CPUs in K8s
From homogenous single-socket to heterogenous multi-socket clusters
Swati Sehgal, Marlow Weston D.hpc Saturday 16:00 16:30
Making Apache Spark, Apache Mahout, Kubeflow, and Kubernetes Play Nice Trevor Grant D.hpc Saturday 16:30 17:00
HPC for Social & Crime Science
Big Data in Police and Crime Research
Philipp M. Dau D.hpc Sunday 10:00 10:30 slides
SCIP: scalable cytometry image processing using Dask in a high performance computing environment
A software for distributed processing of bioimaging datasets
Maxim Lippeveld D.hpc Sunday 10:30 11:00 slides
Distributed Join Algorithms in CrateDB
How We Made Distributed Joins 23 Thousand Times Faster
Marija Selakovic D.hpc Sunday 11:00 11:30
Multidimensional Bloom Filters
A Survey of What, When, Why
Claude Warren D.hpc Sunday 11:30 12:00 slides
Utilizing AMD GPUs: Tuning, programming models, and roadmap Georgios Markomanolis D.hpc Sunday 12:00 12:30
Exascale PMI on a heterogeneous sub-exascale Slurm cluster Alex Domingo D.hpc Sunday 15:00 15:30 slides
Porting Signal processing algorithms to CuPy for precision measurement Mamta Shukla D.hpc Sunday 15:30 16:00
PIRA: Performance Instrumentation Refinement Automation Jan-Patrick Lehr D.hpc Sunday 16:00 16:30 paper
A set of Out-of-Distribution Generalization Benchmarks for Sequential Prediction Tasks
Jean-Christophe Gagnon-Audet D.hpc Sunday 16:30 17:00
Bringing together open source scientific software development for HPC and beginners Jan-Patrick Lehr, Moritz Schwarzmeier D.hpc Sunday 17:00 17:30 paper
Open source tooling in High-Energy Physics Software Valentin Volkl D.hpc Sunday 17:30 18:00

Infra Management devroom (8)

A practical guide to CUE: patterns for everyday use Marcel van Lohuizen, Paul Jolly D.infra Saturday 10:00 10:45
Migrating Foreman/Katello from EL7 to EL8 using LEAPP/ELevate Evgeni Golov D.infra Saturday 11:00 11:45
Using Ansible and Proxmox to manage an embedded RPM distro build factory: lessons learned Vincent Rubiolo D.infra Saturday 12:00 12:45
Running trusted payloads with Nomad and Waypoint Bram Vogelaar D.infra Saturday 13:00 13:45
Simple (but useful) Ansible reporting with ara David Moreau-Simard D.infra Saturday 14:00 14:45
Immutable Infrastructure with Flatcar Container Linux Kai Lüke D.infra Saturday 15:00 15:45 slides
Central Infrastructure Management: a user friendly deployment of OpenShift on Bare Metal Jiří Tomášek, Eran Cohen D.infra Saturday 16:00 16:45
RPort remote access and remote management tkramm D.infra Saturday 17:00 17:45

JavaScript devroom (20)

JavaScript welcome session - day #1 Ludovic Gasc, Fabien Benetou (@Utopiah) D.javascript Saturday 12:15 12:30
Technology kits (choices) that enable to consistently deliver high quality frontend solutions at speed Boubacar Siddighi BARRY D.javascript Saturday 12:30 13:00
Destructuring Frontend monoliths with MicroFrontends Trishul Goel D.javascript Saturday 13:00 14:00
Behavior Graph
A proven architecture for complex applications
Sean Levin D.javascript Saturday 14:00 14:30
Can JS also build the metaverse
How Javascript be be used to build linked WebXR applications
Fabien Benetou (@Utopiah) D.javascript Saturday 14:30 15:00
Rapid Prototyping Physical Interfaces with Web Serial and Cheap MCUs.
Quickly and cheaply doing design discovery and prototype development with only a web browser
Louis Foster D.javascript Saturday 15:00 15:30
Bridging the Gap between Jamstack and Big Data Igor Lukanin D.javascript Saturday 15:30 16:00
Accessibility testing with HTML-Validate David Sveningsson D.javascript Saturday 16:00 16:30
E2E testing with Microsoft Playwright Florian Schade D.javascript Saturday 16:30 16:55 slides
Search and aggregations made easy with NodeJS and OpenSearch Olena Kutsenko D.javascript Saturday 17:00 17:30
JavaScript welcome session - day #2 Ludovic Gasc, Fabien Benetou (@Utopiah) D.javascript Sunday 12:15 12:30
React Virtual Dom
Gabrielsoft D.javascript Sunday 12:30 13:00
Writing less insecure JavaScript
Practical tips to rule out common mistakes
André Jaenisch D.javascript Sunday 13:00 14:00 slides
Somebody set up us the bomb
Expansion attacks in Node.js
Allon Mureinik D.javascript Sunday 14:00 14:30 slides
Shedding Light on the Shadow DOM
Learning how, when, and why to use the shadow DOM
Anthony Giuliano D.javascript Sunday 14:30 15:00
Building a tiny JavaScript runtime with QuickJS
How I built a runtime with Duktape and then rebuilt it with QuickJS
Saúl Ibarra Corretgé D.javascript Sunday 15:00 15:30
From microrepos to monorepo: thrilling adventures in refactoring
On how to tame, and accelerate, builds and tests in a 25 module monorepo
Juan Julián Merelo D.javascript Sunday 15:30 16:00
Web Application Localization Without Tears
Learn how to translate your JS web app fast
Jan Cizmar D.javascript Sunday 16:00 16:30
Symbols Symbols everywhere Martin Naughton D.javascript Sunday 16:30 17:00
micro-lc: a new micro-frontend orchestrator
The easiest way to micro-frontend
Matteo Pietro Dazzi D.javascript Sunday 17:00 17:30 slides

Kotlin devroom (16)

Kotlin DevRoom Welcoming Remarks Nicola Corti, Martin Bonnin, Marco Gomiero, Holger Steinhauer, Julien Salvi D.kotlin Sunday 10:00 10:10
The State of Kotlin
Q1 2022 Edition
Anton Arhipov D.kotlin Sunday 10:10 10:40
Advanced multi-platform dependency injection with Kotlin Romain Boisselle D.kotlin Sunday 10:40 11:10
The beauty of Kotlin typing system Marcin Moskala D.kotlin Sunday 11:10 11:40
Code-first process modeling and analysis with kalasim
Understand and optimize real-world processes at ease
Holger Brandl D.kotlin Sunday 11:40 12:10
Kotlin + Maths Dinorah Tovar D.kotlin Sunday 12:10 12:40
Kotlin, CLIs and StarWars!
An introduction to creating CLI applications with Kotlin using Picocli
Julien Lengrand-Lambert D.kotlin Sunday 12:40 13:10
KSP and Plugins. Optimizing Kotlin Multiplatform common code Anna Zharkova D.kotlin Sunday 13:10 13:40
DataClassGenerate. Shrinking Kotlin data classes Sergei Rybalkin D.kotlin Sunday 13:40 14:10
Mocking without reflection for Kotlin/Multiplatform Salomon BRYS D.kotlin Sunday 14:10 14:40
From Mobile to Backend with Kotlin and Ktor Marco Gomiero D.kotlin Sunday 14:40 15:10
Navigating between Composables Maryam Alhuthayfi D.kotlin Sunday 15:10 15:40
Not only Python: Kotlin for scripts Nicolas Frankel D.kotlin Sunday 15:40 16:10
Gradle: a deeper look at the Kotlin DSL
Everything you didn't want to know about Gradle Kotlin APIs
Martin Bonnin D.kotlin Sunday 16:10 16:40
Live-coding a web server with Ktor
Set up a web server and a client with Ktor in a live coding session.
Renaud Mathieu D.kotlin Sunday 16:40 17:10
Refactoring Gilded Rose Kata Dmitry Kandalov D.kotlin Sunday 17:10 17:45

Legal and Policy Issues devroom (5)

How to teach OSS licenses and compliances at a university
how to teach to the students with some of the use cases
Masafumi Ohta Saturday 13:00 13:30
Why the pandemic could help FOSS, but was a win for proprietary software Saturday 13:30 14:00
A globally unified governance framework for Open Source
International arbitration to harmonize the security provisions of sovereign states and Open Source? Learning from the Java Virtual Machine, Ceph and abstraction layers
Christopher Klooz Saturday 14:00 14:30
An update on the Digital Markets Act
The new European rules for online competition
Vittorio Bertola Saturday 14:30 15:00
Why Device Neutrality is important for Free Software? Lucas Lasota Saturday 15:00 15:20

Libre-Open VLSI and FPGA devroom (7)

From a NIC to a Platform for In-Network Compute
Ulrich Langenbach, Alex Forencich Sunday 10:00 10:30 slides
Coriolis RTL-to-GDSII Toolchain
State of advancement and planned improvements
jpc Sunday 10:30 11:00
Bring openwifi to PYNQ-Z1 with ultra low cost Yimin Gu Sunday 11:20 11:50
Writing GTKWave documents, with style
A Python-based CSS-like mini language for generating GTKWave documents
Cesar Strauss Sunday 11:50 12:10
nMigen HDL
a way to create hardware in python
Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton Sunday 12:10 13:10
Efabless Open ASICs
an update from Mohamed Kassem
Mohamed Kassem Sunday 13:45 14:25
Using LibreSilicon
How to actually use the process and scaling it
David Lanzendörfer Sunday 14:30 15:30

LibreOffice Technology devroom (24)

Why ODF is a better standard than OOXML Italo Vignoli D.libreoffice Saturday 13:30 14:00
News from the ODF Toolkit Svante Schubert D.libreoffice Saturday 14:00 14:30
OOXML Document Analysis Gülşah Köse D.libreoffice Saturday 14:30 15:00
Let's Build a 200-Page-Long Lecture Book with LibreOffice Writer
Challanges, tips and tricks that work and that don't
Csongor Halmai D.libreoffice Saturday 15:00 15:30
Creating professional templates with LibreOffice Writer
A brief panorama on how much important templates are and what can be done (and automated) inside them.
Gabriele Ponzo D.libreoffice Saturday 15:30 16:00 slides
Document themes in LibreOffice Impress and elsewhere Miklos Vajna D.libreoffice Saturday 16:00 16:30
Advantages of LibreOffice Technology Italo Vignoli D.libreoffice Saturday 16:30 17:00
Canvas For Rendering UX Gökay Şatır D.libreoffice Saturday 17:00 17:30
Information Engineering Operations
A DevOps paradigm for Product Documentation Group
Vasudev Narayanan D.libreoffice Saturday 17:30 18:00 slides
LibreOffice 7.3 New Features Italo Vignoli D.libreoffice Sunday 10:00 10:30
Improving Developer Experience at LibreOffice Hossein Nourikhah D.libreoffice Sunday 10:30 11:00 slides
Towards an Operational Code Aesthetics Stephan Bergmann D.libreoffice Sunday 11:00 11:30
Curl based HTTP/WebDAV UCP
How we deleted lots of code
Michael Stahl D.libreoffice Sunday 11:30 12:00
Improved coverage analysis for LibreOffice's CI
Our journey towards deeper integration of coverage analysis tools into Jenkins CI - a PrototypeFund project
Thorsten Behrens D.libreoffice Sunday 12:30 13:00
LibreOfficeKit recent developments Jan Holesovsky D.libreoffice Sunday 13:00 13:30
LibreOffice GTK4 Port
A status update
Caolán McNamara D.libreoffice Sunday 13:30 14:00
Online performance
making collaborative editing quicker
Michael Meeks D.libreoffice Sunday 14:00 14:30
LOWA - LibreOffice WebAssembly
Most recent updates, working code, and ample stories of how we got to have LibreOffice run natively in a browser
Thorsten Behrens D.libreoffice Sunday 14:30 15:00
Building Collabora Online UI based on the LibreOffice components Szymon Kłos D.libreoffice Sunday 15:00 15:30
Collabora Online on kubernetes
Kubernetes setup & deployment
Pranam Lashkari D.libreoffice Sunday 15:30 16:00
Collabora Online: Async-Saving Design and Testing Ashod Nakashian D.libreoffice Sunday 16:00 16:30
Things you can test in a UITest Xisco Fauli D.libreoffice Sunday 16:30 17:00 slides
Macro Dialog feature Henry Castro D.libreoffice Sunday 17:00 17:20
LibreOffice DevRoom lightning talks
Come to hear last-minute news from the LibreOffice project
Thorsten Behrens D.libreoffice Sunday 17:30 18:00

LLVM devroom (7)

Enhanced debuggability support in LLVM for various Fortran language features
Fortran debuggabiliy support in LLVM
alok D.llvm Saturday 13:00 13:35
How to write an extension for C
In this talk we will briefly describe how to add your own extension to C, what steps may be needed to do it. And then we will review a small example
Pavel Kosov, Ivan Zhechev D.llvm Saturday 13:35 14:00
Coverage for eBPF programs Leonardo Di Donato, tomas D.llvm Saturday 14:00 14:35 other other other other other
Llsoftsecbook: an open source book on software security for compiler developers Kristof Beyls, billy.shi D.llvm Saturday 14:35 15:00 slides
8-bit Character support on architectures were the smallest addressable unit size is 64-bit in Clang and LLVM
8-bit characters in VIAMPP
Thomas Pietsch, Tomás Zilhão Borges D.llvm Saturday 15:00 15:35
Libc++ on Linux - using the example of Oniro
Experiences with switching from libstdc++ to libc++
Bernhard Rosenkränzer, Mikolaj Lenczewski D.llvm Saturday 15:35 16:00
LLVM and ANTLR: A Starter on a non-Linux Machine Babar Khan D.llvm Saturday 16:00 16:25

MariaDB Server devroom (19)

Welcome to the MariaDB devroom Ian Gilfillan D.mariadb Saturday 10:00 10:05
MariaDB Server's new release model Michael "Monty" Widenius D.mariadb Saturday 10:05 10:30
What is new in mariadb 10.6 ? Praveen GR D.mariadb Saturday 10:30 10:50
New features in MariaDB 10.7 and MariaDB 10.8 Ian Gilfillan D.mariadb Saturday 10:55 11:20
MariaDB Server on macOS
Does it make sense to even try?
Valerii Kravchuk D.mariadb Saturday 11:20 11:45 slides
Improved histograms in MariaDB 10.8 Sergei Petrunia D.mariadb Saturday 11:45 12:10
Performance oriented InnoDB log format changes
How InnoDB crash recovery works
Marko Mäkelä D.mariadb Saturday 12:10 12:35
MariaDB Optimizer - ongoing development and changes Michael "Monty" Widenius D.mariadb Saturday 12:35 13:00
MySQL 8 vs MariaDB 10.6 Peter Zaitsev D.mariadb Saturday 13:05 13:30
MariaDB Point-in-Time-Recovery Oli Sennhauser D.mariadb Saturday 13:30 13:55
Mariabackup + Restic: a simple and efficient online backup solution for your DBs Faustin Lammler D.mariadb Saturday 13:55 14:20
MariaDB DENY command
Upcoming functionality for sysadmins and database service providers
Vicentiu Ciorbaru D.mariadb Saturday 14:20 14:45
MariaDB Galera Cluster and M/S replication Oli Sennhauser D.mariadb Saturday 14:45 15:10
Ten Tips for Better MariaDB Performance Peter Zaitsev D.mariadb Saturday 15:15 15:40
Creative uses of triggers
Things you people wouldn't believe
Federico Razzoli D.mariadb Saturday 15:40 16:05
MariaDB Connection ID Oli Sennhauser D.mariadb Saturday 16:10 16:35
More on bpftrace for MariaDB DBAs and Developers
Summary of recent experience
Valerii Kravchuk D.mariadb Saturday 16:35 17:00 slides
Introducing MYSQL_JSON plugin Anel Husakovic D.mariadb Saturday 17:00 17:25
The future of databases is confidential Moritz Eckert D.mariadb Saturday 17:25 17:50 Foundation & Community devroom (24)

The Matrix State of the Union
What's the Matrix Core Team up to?
Matthew Hodgson D.matrix Sunday 10:00 10:20
The next generation of Matrix interfaces
How we're changing the face of bridge and bot integrations in Matrix
Will Hunt D.matrix Sunday 10:30 10:50
Building a bot using Python3
Oleg Fiksel D.matrix Sunday 10:50 11:10 slides
Events for the Uninitiated
A Junior's Guide to Events in Matrix
H. Shay D.matrix Sunday 11:10 11:40
Making /sync go fast
A deep-dive into Sync v3
Kegan Dougal D.matrix Sunday 11:40 12:10
The matrix-rust-sdk
One SDK to rule them all
Julian Sparber, Damir Jelić D.matrix Sunday 12:10 13:10
Building an MMO browser game on Matrix
Managing auth and saves in Matrix
Christian Paul D.matrix Sunday 13:10 13:15
ChatStat - An R package for Matrix stats
Shiny stats for your community goodness
Greg Sutcliffe D.matrix Sunday 13:15 13:20
elegant, modern and secure matrix client
Ajay Bura D.matrix Sunday 13:20 13:25
Collaborative Apps over Matrix using the Collabs Library Matthew Weidner D.matrix Sunday 13:25 13:30
Create a DIY photoframe using matrix
How to create a DIY photoframe with a raspi and transfer the photos via matrix
dirk D.matrix Sunday 13:30 13:35
Custom Stickers and Emotes in Matrix!
MSC2545 Demo
Nicolas Werner D.matrix Sunday 13:35 13:40
Decentralized Collaborative Annotations using Matrix Daniel Fedorin D.matrix Sunday 13:40 13:45
Little showcase of the cutest messenger in the [matrix]
krille D.matrix Sunday 13:45 13:50
Matrix for Command and Control Information Systems Thomas Halwax D.matrix Sunday 13:50 13:55
Matrix for Worker Power
Introduction to Wobbly
John Evans D.matrix Sunday 13:55 14:00
Ansible + Matrix: Through The Looking Glass
A 6 month reflection on the Ansible Community's journey with Matrix
Greg Sutcliffe D.matrix Sunday 14:10 14:40
All things with moderation
All about moderation in Matrix
David Teller D.matrix Sunday 14:40 15:10
Growing Pinecones for P2P Matrix
The journey so far of building an overlay network
Neil Alexander D.matrix Sunday 15:10 15:40
Self-sovereign end-to-end encrypted file storage on Matrix
How we built a file system on top of Matrix
Hugh Nimmo-Smith D.matrix Sunday 15:40 16:10
Mission: threading for all Germain Souquet D.matrix Sunday 16:10 16:40
Beyond the Matrix: Extend the capabilities of your Synapse homeserver
How to add custom features to Synapse with modules
Brendan Abolivier D.matrix Sunday 16:40 17:10 slides
MLS meets Matrix Hubert Chathi D.matrix Sunday 17:10 17:40
Native Group VoIP and Metaverse on Matrix
Building the Matrix with Matrix
Robert Long D.matrix Sunday 17:40 18:00

Microkernel and Component-based OS devroom (12)

Introduction Martin Děcký, Sebastian Sumpf D.microkernel Saturday 10:40 10:50
Advanced Unit Testing in the Hedron Microkernel Julian Stecklina D.microkernel Saturday 10:50 11:20 slides
A practical solution for GNU/Hurd's lack of drivers: NetBSD's rumpkernel framework Damien Zammit D.microkernel Saturday 11:20 11:50 slides
Genode meets the Pinephone Norman Feske D.microkernel Saturday 11:50 12:40
Managarm: Design of a pragmatic fully-asynchronous microkernel Alexander van der Grinten D.microkernel Saturday 12:40 13:15
Debugging and Monitoring in Unikraft
Everything beyond printf()
Simon Kuenzer, Marc Rittinghaus D.microkernel Saturday 13:15 13:50 slides
Hardware accelerated applications on Unikernels for Serverless Computing Anastassios Nanos, Charalampos Mainas D.microkernel Saturday 13:50 14:30 slides
UX/RT - a QNX-like OS based on seL4 Andrew Warkentin D.microkernel Saturday 14:30 15:00 slides
RedLeaf: Isolation and Communication in a Safe Operating System Vikram Narayanan, Anton Burtsev D.microkernel Saturday 15:00 15:45
The Composite Component-Based OS Gabe Parmer D.microkernel Saturday 15:45 16:30 slides
Mitigating Processor Vulnerabilities by Restructuring the Kernel Address Space Sebastian Eydam D.microkernel Saturday 16:30 17:05 slides
Unhackable across 30 Years, End in Sight Blaine Garst D.microkernel Saturday 17:05 18:00 slides

Monitoring and Observability devroom (9)

Adopting OpenTelemetry and its collector Vincent Behar D.monitoring Sunday 09:15 10:00 slides
Bootstrapping a multi dc cloud native observability stack Bram Vogelaar D.monitoring Sunday 10:00 10:45
Introduction to Continuous Profiling using Pyroscope
How to debug performance issues using profilers
rperry2174 D.monitoring Sunday 10:45 11:30
Monitoring Kafka without instrumentation using eBPF
A talk about Pixie, Kafka and what's next in observability
Anton Rodriguez, Ruizhe Cheng D.monitoring Sunday 11:30 12:15
Periskop: Exception Monitoring at Scale
A pull-based exception monitoring service inspired by Prometheus
Jorge Creixell, Marc Tuduri D.monitoring Sunday 13:15 14:00
Profiling in the cloud-native era Matthias Loibl D.monitoring Sunday 14:00 14:45
Thank you Keptn Obvious!
Making SLOs observable with Prometheus and Keptn
Oleg Nenashev D.monitoring Sunday 14:45 15:30
Unikraft Performance Monitoring with Prometheus Cezar Craciunoiu D.monitoring Sunday 15:30 16:15
What More Can I Learn From My OpenTelemetry Traces? John Pruitt D.monitoring Sunday 16:15 17:00

Mozilla devroom (10)

Suggestions for a Stronger Mozilla Community
Personal Thoughts and Ideas for Possible Improvements
Robert Kaiser D.mozilla Saturday 11:00 11:30
Collecting Sentences for Common Voice
Collecting Sentences through different means to allow others to record voices for them
Michael Kohler D.mozilla Saturday 11:30 12:00 slides
BabiaXR: Virtual Reality Data Visualizations for the browser David Moreno-Lumbreras D.mozilla Saturday 12:00 12:30 slides
"CV Project app": How an Android app can change the Mozilla Common Voice project Saverio Morelli D.mozilla Saturday 12:30 13:00 slides
Mozilla Support: 24, 7, 365 Paul Wright D.mozilla Saturday 13:00 13:45
Thunderbird in 2022
Highlights of Thunderbird plans for this year.
Magnus Melin D.mozilla Saturday 13:45 14:00
How to Start a Language on Mozilla Common Voice?
A case study for under-resourced Turkish Language
Bülent Özden D.mozilla Saturday 14:00 14:45 slides slides
Fast code search and indexing
Emilio Cobos Álvarez D.mozilla Saturday 14:45 15:30
Firefox Desktop Development 101
How new Firefox developers are onboarded to the code
Mike Conley D.mozilla Saturday 15:30 16:30
Introduction to Foxfooding
A story about how Mozillians test and give feedback for products before release
Konstantina Papadea, Krupa Raj D.mozilla Saturday 16:30 16:50 slides

MySQL devroom (17)

Encrypting binary (and relay) logs in MySQL Matthias C D.mysql Saturday 14:00 14:25 slides
Hash join in MySQL 8.0 Øystein Grøvlen D.mysql Saturday 14:30 14:55
ProxySQL 2021 Dev Submit Javier Jaramago Fernández D.mysql Saturday 15:00 15:25
Backup/Restore tools performance comparison Vinicius Grippa, Jean Da Silva D.mysql Saturday 15:30 16:00
Flame Graphs for MySQL DBAs
Yet another way to visualize performance data
Valerii Kravchuk D.mysql Sunday 10:00 10:25 slides
The relational model in the modern development age
Towards an improved operational paradigm, illustrated by Vitess
Shlomi Noach D.mysql Sunday 10:30 10:55
ProxySQL Cluster: challenges and solutions to synchronizeconfigurationacross multiple decentralized cluster nodes René Cannaò D.mysql Sunday 11:00 11:25
Percona XtraDB Cluster(PXC) Non blocking operations, what you need to know to avoid pitfalls Marco Tusa (the Grinch) D.mysql Sunday 11:30 11:55
MySQL InnoDB ClusterSet
The integrated solution for disaster recovery of InnoDB Clusters
Kenny Gryp, Miguel Araújo D.mysql Sunday 12:00 13:00 slides
MySQL on Kubernetes demystified
How foolishness can lead you to fell in a very dangerous trap
Marco Tusa (the Grinch) D.mysql Sunday 13:00 13:25
MySQL Operator for Kubernetes Johannes Schlüter D.mysql Sunday 13:30 14:30
Newest MySQL component services features
or how to make an HTTP server accessing table data in a component
Joro Kodinov D.mysql Sunday 14:30 15:15 slides
MySQL 8.0: Logical Backups, Snapshots and PITR like a rockstar Frédéric Descamps D.mysql Sunday 15:15 15:50
Why your backup strategy is wrong?
A brief overview of MySQL backup concepts
Pep Pla D.mysql Sunday 15:55 16:05
Efficient MySQL Performance
A Book in 40 Minutes
Daniel Nichter D.mysql Sunday 16:10 17:00
MySQL Performance on Modern CPU: Intel vs AMD vs ARM Peter Zaitsev D.mysql Sunday 17:00 17:25
Release Note Highlights from 2021
Recap '23 to '27
Dave Stokes D.mysql Sunday 17:30 17:55

Network devroom (11)

Network Traffic Classification for Cybersecurity and Monitoring Luca Deri Sunday 13:00 13:30 slides
Why rule-based monitoring is (still) great Faye Tandog, Robin Gierse Sunday 13:30 14:00
Peer-to-peer hole punching without centralized infrastructure
How libp2p can traverse NATs and firewalls without coordination through central STUN and TURN servers.
Max Leonard Inden Sunday 14:00 14:20 slides
Keep appetite for the stats, it costs nothing
Presentation of the statistics consumption model in VPP from the costless low-level design to their exploitation in userspace
Arthur de Kerhor, Hedi Bouattour Sunday 14:20 14:40 slides
Faster memory reclamation with DPDK RCU
Comparing the DPDK and Userspace RCU libraries
Nathan Brown Sunday 14:40 15:00
BGP/OSPF with VPP at >100Mpps
Introducing the Linux Controlplane
Pim van Pelt Sunday 15:00 15:30
Predictable Network Traffic in Kubernetes Dave Cremins, Abdul Halim Sunday 15:30 16:00
Contour - Kubernetes Ingress Controller and much more 101
Introduction to Contour and Contour community!
Orlin Vasilev Sunday 16:00 16:30
Kubernetes networking : is there a cheetah within your Calico?
Even faster kubernetes clusters with Calico, VPP and memif
Nathan Skrzypczak, Christopher Tomkins Sunday 16:30 17:00
Challenges and Opportunities in Performance Benchmarking of Service Mesh for the Edge Sunku Ranganath, Mrittika Ganguli Sunday 17:00 17:30
2-cluster Kubernetes, with Calico, BGP Interconnect and WireGuard... All Without Leaving Your Laptop! Christopher Tomkins Sunday 17:30 18:00

Nim Programming Language devroom (9)

Nim concurrency
Past, Present and Future
Andreas Rumpf (Araq) D.nim Saturday 12:30 13:05
Next generation micro-controller programming
Zero-cost abstractions for better embedded programming
Peter Munch-Ellingsen D.nim Saturday 13:05 13:40
LibVF.IO: vGPU & SR-IOV on Consumer GPUs using Nim
LibVF.IO is bringing vGPU functionality that's historically been restricted to the enterprise datacenter segment to normal consumer GPUs running free open source desktop operating systems.
Arthur Rasmusson D.nim Saturday 13:40 14:25
Polymorph: a compile time approach to entity-component-systems in Nim
Queryless ECS: removing runtime overhead by orienting around systems
Ryan Lipscombe D.nim Saturday 14:25 14:50
Potato Zombies
Helping a 6 year old build a 3d game using Enu and Nim
Scott Wadden D.nim Saturday 14:50 15:40
A Nim rules engine for reactive programs and games
Zach Oakes D.nim Saturday 15:40 16:30
HPC from Python to Nim
A preliminary introduction to performance optimization
Ayman Al Baz D.nim Saturday 16:30 16:55
State of Scientific Computing in Nim 2022
A personal survey with usage examples in Nimib
Pietro Peterlongo D.nim Saturday 16:50 17:25
Nim Metaprogramming in the real world Andre von Houck D.nim Saturday 17:25 18:00

Open Research Tools and Technologies devroom (27)

From pipe dreams and waste to functional accretion: building a capable infrastructure for the Digital Humanities Ian Johnson D.research Saturday 10:00 10:20
Code Liberation and Software Sustainability
The Prospero Experience
Josquin Debaz, Waldir Lisboa Rocha D.research Saturday 10:20 10:40
Free Software Development as Observant Participation
Developing textnets, Studying Digital Cultures
John Boy D.research Saturday 10:40 11:00
Academics developing software testimonies panel Paul Girard, Ian Johnson, Josquin Debaz, John Boy, Waldir Lisboa Rocha D.research Saturday 11:00 11:20
Writing with data visualization
Multimodal encounters in the making of digital social sciences publications
Robin De Mourat D.research Saturday 11:20 11:40
Livemark: data presentation framework
Express everything in Markdown
Evgeny Karev D.research Saturday 11:40 12:00 slides slides
MetaindeX and user requirements for a generic catalog application
Discussing user requirements for a generic cataloger app and its implementation with MetaindeX
Laurent MILLET-LACOMBE D.research Saturday 12:00 12:15
Visual inquiries panel Robin De Mourat, Célya Gruson-Daniel, Maya Anderson-González, Evgeny Karev D.research Saturday 12:15 12:35
On the dissemination/evaluation loop for Research Software Teresa Gomez-Diaz D.research Saturday 12:35 12:55
What is special about open source research software and why does it matters?
Reporting about progresses and challenges from the French ecosystem
Bastien D.research Saturday 12:55 13:10
Policies panel Bastien, Mathieu Jacomy, Teresa Gomez-Diaz D.research Saturday 13:10 13:25
Ersilia, a hub of AI/ML models for infectious disease research
Democratizing the access to state-of-the-art data science to researchers worldwide.
Gemma Turon D.research Saturday 13:25 13:45 slides
Improve diagnostics of typhoid through Open Science: An Artificial Intelligence-based technique Elisee JAFSIA D.research Saturday 13:45 14:05 paper slides
Artificial Intelligence Panel Yo Yehudi, Elisee JAFSIA, Gemma Turon D.research Saturday 14:05 14:20
GitBuilding: Open source documentation for open source hardware Julian Stirling D.research Saturday 14:20 14:40
BeeHive: a flexible open hardware platform for behavioural experiments Andre Maia Chagas, Ihor Sobianin D.research Saturday 14:40 14:55
Open Hardware Panel Matthieu Totet, Andre Maia Chagas, Ihor Sobianin, Julian Stirling D.research Saturday 14:55 15:10
Building a consensus meta-data standard for actigraphy and light exposure data Manuel Spitschan D.research Saturday 15:10 15:25
BrAPI: a standard API specification for plant breeding data Peter Selby D.research Saturday 15:25 15:40 slides
Standards panel Mathieu Jacomy, Peter Selby, Manuel Spitschan D.research Saturday 15:40 15:50
Ontology Development Kit
A toolkit for building, maintaining, and standardising ontologies
Damien Goutte-Gattat D.research Saturday 15:50 16:10
Sustainable community building with the Wikibase Stakeholder Group Lozana Rossenova, Dragan Espenschied D.research Saturday 16:10 16:30
Knowledge management communities panel Paul Girard, Damien Goutte-Gattat, Lozana Rossenova, Dragan Espenschied D.research Saturday 16:30 16:45
F-UJI : A Tool for the automated assessment and improvement of the FAIRness of Research Data Patricia Herterich D.research Saturday 16:45 17:00
Internal R packages for Open Science in Agrometeorology Yanina Bellini Saibene D.research Saturday 17:00 17:20
Unveiling Hidden Physics at the LHC using Open Data
Making particle physics Open Data usable
Clemens Lange D.research Saturday 17:20 17:40
Open Data Panel Sara Petti, Yanina Bellini Saibene, Clemens Lange, Patricia Herterich D.research Saturday 17:40 18:00

Open Source Design devroom (15)

Introduction to Open Source Design Bernard Tyers, Eriol Fox Saturday 10:00 10:15
Documenting a Design System
Lessons learned from open sourcing the Orbit docs
Aaron Collier Saturday 10:20 10:45
The year of the Linux Desktop: Cancelled for privacy reasons
How a new privacy paradigm can be a game changer for front-end FOSS
Björn Balazs Saturday 10:50 11:35
Setting up your OSS for Design Contributions
Best practices and lessons from design-friendly OSS.
Abigail Makolo Saturday 11:40 12:05
Supporting open design in Bitcoin
Stories and learnings from 1.5 years of supporting designers and open design processes in the Bitcoin ecosystem.
Christoph Ono, Johns Beharry Saturday 12:10 12:35
The design of developer-facing error messages for software libraries Daniel Sockwell Saturday 12:40 13:05
Ubuntu's Design System - Vanilla Elio Qoshi Saturday 13:10 13:55
Synthesising user testing insights with OSS tool teams Eriol Fox, Kelsey Smith Saturday 14:00 14:25
We hear you!
Collecting and processing user feedback, for real!
Clara Garcia Saturday 14:30 14:55
When to invest in the UX of (scientific) open source Elizabeth Vu Saturday 15:00 15:25
Why Designers are the Mediators of Accessibility
How the designer's perspective leads to a more accessible OSS
Mars Lee Saturday 15:30 15:55
Remote workshops
Learn how to conduct a successful remote workshop in a remote workshop
Jess Müller Saturday 16:00 16:45
Calling all UX Designers!
Attracting and keeping UX designers on FOSS projects
Scott Jenson Saturday 16:45 17:10
1 year of the Sustaining open source design podcast
What key themes emerged from 1 year and 17 episodes of design in open source podcasts?
Georgia Bullen, Memo Esparza, Eriol Fox Saturday 17:15 17:40
Pitch your project Eriol Fox Saturday 17:40 18:00

Open Source Firmware, BMC and Bootloader devroom (7)

Welome to the Open Source Firmware, BMC and Bootloader devroom Daniel Kiper D.firmware Saturday 11:50 12:00
Firmware Settings and Menus Daniel Maslowski (CyReVolt) D.firmware Saturday 12:00 12:50
GRUB - Project Status Update Daniel Kiper D.firmware Saturday 13:00 13:50
Open Source Firmware status on AMD platforms 2022
OSF on AMD 3rd edition
Michał Żygowski D.firmware Saturday 14:15 14:45
Attestation's Requirements
Secure Firmware, now what...
Ian Oliver D.firmware Saturday 15:00 16:00 paper
Mono Lake Story - how we enabled an open hardware platform Sri Ramkrishna D.firmware Saturday 16:15 16:45
Plan 9 CPU command, in Go, for Linux
the network is the computer -- for real this time
rminnich D.firmware Saturday 17:00 17:50

OpenPOWER devroom (3)

First impressions developing on an OpenPOWER workstation D.openpower Saturday 15:30 16:00
The Libre-SOC Project
a status update for the OpenPOWER Libre-SOC core: booting linux
Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton D.openpower Saturday 16:00 17:00
OpenPOWER Foundation 2.0 James Kulina D.openpower Saturday 17:00 18:00

PostgreSQL devroom (10)

Solving the knapsack problem with recursive queries and PostgreSQL Francesco Tisiot D.postgresql Sunday 10:00 11:00
JSON in PostgreSQL - Learning with a case study Boriss Mejias D.postgresql Sunday 11:00 12:00
How to create (lots!) of sample time-series data with PostgreSQL generate_series() Ryan Booz D.postgresql Sunday 12:00 12:30
Future Postgres Challenges Bruce Momjian D.postgresql Sunday 12:30 13:00
PostgreSQL Distributed & Secure Database Ecosystem Building
This session will focus on introducing how to empower PostgreSQL thanks to the ecosystem provided by Apache ShardingSphere - an open source distributed database, plus an ecosystem users and developers need for their database to provide a customized and cloud-native experience.
Juan Pan D.postgresql Sunday 13:00 13:30
Automatically refresh materialized views in PostgreSQL
Tactics to make refreshing a painless process
Attila Tóth D.postgresql Sunday 13:30 14:00
Working effectively with (-support-) the community
This talk is for those who are new to PostgreSQL or those who just started, or all the others that want to hear a personal story: When I started with PostgreSQL around 10 years ago, I came with an Oracle background. It took me quite some time to understand how the PostgreSQL project is organized, how the community is working and how to deal with issues I've faced when I needed support. This is not a technical talk at all, but it should save you quite some time in your journey with PostgreSQL.
Daniel Westermann D.postgresql Sunday 14:00 15:00
Exploring Linux Memory Usage and IO Performance for Cloud Native Databases Frits Hoogland D.postgresql Sunday 15:00 16:00
Slow things down to make them go faster Jimmy Angelakos D.postgresql Sunday 16:00 17:00
Lesser Known PostgreSQL Features
Features you already have but may not know about!
Haki Benita D.postgresql Sunday 17:00 18:00

Public Code devroom (13)

Welcome to the Public Code devroom Jan Ainali D.public-code Sunday 10:15 10:25
Joint open source development in cross-border context Petteri Kivimäki D.public-code Sunday 10:30 10:50 slides
Developers Italia, four years later Riccardo Iaconelli D.public-code Sunday 11:00 11:25
Lessons from the Danish OS2
Maturing governance
Rasmus Frey D.public-code Sunday 11:35 12:10
PublicCode.yml - index all public software! Riccardo Iaconelli D.public-code Sunday 12:20 12:45
We listed +9000 public code repositories. Now what?
How to build valuable services on top of fragile assets
Bastien D.public-code Sunday 12:55 13:15
Beware of culture
– what to do as a community manager?
Charlotte Heikendorf D.public-code Sunday 13:25 13:45
Free Open Source Participatory Democracy for Cities and Organizations
Andrés Pereira de Lucena D.public-code Sunday 13:55 14:40
Bluetooth beyond Digital Contact Tracing
Using Bluetooth for wider public healthcare improvements
Adam Fowler D.public-code Sunday 14:50 15:20 slides
AlekSIS, the Free School Information System
Taking on digitisation and digital education at once
Dominik George D.public-code Sunday 15:30 16:30 slides
EducaMadrid, the Free and Educational Technology Platform of Madrid Adolfo Sanz De Diego D.public-code Sunday 16:40 16:55 slides
Open Source Policy Ricardo Mirón D.public-code Sunday 17:05 17:20
Closing of the Public Code devroom
Reflections from the day
Boris van Hoytema, Jan Ainali D.public-code Sunday 17:30 17:50

Python devroom (11)

Get to know Apache Kafka with Jupyter Notebooks Francesco Tisiot D.python Sunday 10:00 10:30
Introducing Asynchronous SQLAlchemy Sebastiaan Zeeff D.python Sunday 10:30 10:55
Handling Concurrency in Web Application
How *not* to build a URL Shortener
Haki Benita D.python Sunday 11:00 11:30
Sleep better with type-safe Python Jerry Pussinen D.python Sunday 11:30 11:55
Messing with unicode
A few possible attacks with unicode
Julin Shaji D.python Sunday 13:00 13:25
SPyQL - SQL with Python in the middle
Making command-line data processing more intuitive, readable and powerful
Daniel Moura D.python Sunday 14:30 14:55
Transforming and ingesting complex JSON data with Python
Transform and insert complex JSONs into a relational database - without Pandas
Attila Tóth D.python Sunday 15:30 15:55
Mimics - Records operations to replay them later Maarten De Paepe D.python Sunday 16:00 16:30
Implementing and managing feature flags
How to effectively manage your feature flags in a monolitic Django application
Mehdi Raddadi D.python Sunday 16:30 17:00
CubicWeb: bootstraping a web-application from RDF data Fabien Amarger D.python Sunday 17:00 17:25
Gradual type checking of your python code
From initial critisms to benefits for dev, runtime and testing
Thierry Chappuis D.python Sunday 17:30 18:00

Raku devroom (11)

Raku devroom intro Andrew Shitov D.raku Saturday 10:00 10:05
A Raku Grammar for Navigation Lights
code walkthrough with live examples
Steve Roe D.raku Saturday 10:05 10:50 slides
Free Software, Dependency Management, and what I got wrong at FOSDEM 21 Daniel Sockwell D.raku Saturday 10:50 11:35
Multi-language Data Wrangling and Acquisition Conversational Agents
Using Raku in data acquisition and wrangling
Anton Antonov D.raku Saturday 11:35 12:35
Class learning analytics with Raku
How Raku helps improve learning in a cloud computing class at the University of Granada
Juan Julián Merelo D.raku Saturday 12:35 13:00
from unix shell (*sh) scripting to raku Marc Chantreux D.raku Saturday 13:00 14:00
Decentralized Authentication
Authentication and identification techniques on Ethereum blockchain
Konstantin Nakhov D.raku Saturday 14:00 14:40
Keeping the past to preserve the future
On the development of a BackPAN for Raku
Elizabeth Mattijsen D.raku Saturday 14:40 15:15
Radically simple testing in Raku Daniel Sockwell D.raku Saturday 15:15 15:45
GitHub Actions (in|for) Raku
Containerizing Raku for testing and other automation tasks
Juan Julián Merelo D.raku Saturday 15:45 16:35
Raku Steering Council Q&A Panel
RSC members to answer live questions.
Vadim Belman D.raku Saturday 16:35 17:35

Retrocomputing devroom (12)

Welcome to Retro-Computing devroom
Vintage everywhere!
Pau Garcia Quiles (pgquiles), François Revol (mmu_man) D.retro Saturday 10:00 10:05 slides slides
Getting 1K Chess for the ZX81 online
Or, how I used $2 Billion of internet infrastructure to run 672 bytes of code, from 1982
Steven Goodwin D.retro Saturday 10:05 10:30
Let's Get Serial!
Histroy and current state of everyone's favourite interface
Stephan Hohmann D.retro Saturday 10:30 11:15
Made by Woz: how Apple-1 operating system works?
Brilliant Steve Wozniak’s code every software engineer should know
Sergey Panarin D.retro Saturday 11:15 12:00
A Computer Museum
Why and how?
Bart van den Akker D.retro Saturday 12:00 13:25
Trajectware - timeline-based navigation across computing heritage Christophe Ponsard D.retro Saturday 13:25 13:55
Hack for the Planet
Reverse Engineering Embedded Systems to Reduce E-Waste
Maurits Fennis D.retro Saturday 13:55 14:30
Keeping old Unix/Linux up-to-date with pkgsrc
Keeping software on unsupported Unix-ish operating systems up-to-date
Carsten Strotmann D.retro Saturday 14:30 15:30
AOSC OS/Retro - An Introduction
An Ongoing Quest for the Possibility of Modern Linux on Vintage Hardware
Mingcong Bai D.retro Saturday 15:30 16:00
Old Web Today: Keeping Flash (and other) Retro Web Sites Accessible on the modern web
Techniques for combining web archives and emulation using FOSS tools.
Ilya Kreymer D.retro Saturday 16:00 16:30
FrogFind and 68k News
Building Modern Web Portals for Vintage Machines
Sean Malseed D.retro Saturday 16:30 17:00
A Brief History of Spreadsheets
From LANPAR to VisiCalc to Lotus to LibreOffice
Jim Hall D.retro Saturday 17:00 18:00

Safety and Open Source devroom (0)

Software composition and dependency management devroom (18)

Devroom introduction Antoine Mottier D.dependency Sunday 10:00 10:05
Package URL and Version range spec
Towards mostly universal dependency resolution
Philippe Ombredanne D.dependency Sunday 10:05 10:20
How OSPOs can help secure the software supply chain Ana Jimenez Santamaria D.dependency Sunday 10:20 10:40
Developing an open source license compliance project : our trials, tribulations and achievements Pierre Marty D.dependency Sunday 10:40 11:00
How to manage OSS license obligations and SBoM by SW360's new features Kouki Hama D.dependency Sunday 11:00 11:20
Panel 1: Processing Dependencies and Compositions and Software Maximilian Huber D.dependency Sunday 11:20 12:00
Scanning for known vulnerabilities in an embedded distribution
A return on experience from the Eclipse Oniro project
Marta Rybczynska D.dependency Sunday 12:20 12:40 slides
Reporting vulnerabilities within a complex software environment
Using the CVE-Bin-Tool
Anthony Harrison D.dependency Sunday 12:40 13:00
Commoditising Open Source Risk Management
First Open Source SCA Platform
Julian Coccia D.dependency Sunday 13:00 13:20
Panel 2: Dependencies for Vulnerability Discovery and Tracking Diomidis Spinellis D.dependency Sunday 13:20 14:00
Generating SBOM for your code using OSS Review Toolkit Thomas Steenbergen D.dependency Sunday 14:20 14:40
SBOM Resolver - Generating detailed SBOMs for Alpine Georg Kunz D.dependency Sunday 14:40 15:00
FASTEN: Fine-Grained Analysis of Software Ecosystems as Networks Amir Mir D.dependency Sunday 15:00 15:20
Panel 3: Creating SBOMs Antoine Mottier D.dependency Sunday 15:20 16:00
On Backporting Practices in Package Dependency Networks Ahmed Zerouali, Tom Mens D.dependency Sunday 16:20 16:40 paper
Operationalize SBOM with OWASP Dependency-Track Steve Springett D.dependency Sunday 16:40 17:00
Tracking Software Dependencies Kate Stewart, Gary O'Neall D.dependency Sunday 17:00 17:20
Panel 4: Software Compositions and Dependency Tools Philippe Ombredanne D.dependency Sunday 17:20 18:00

Software Defined Storage devroom (4)

Migrate to Ceph-CSI
Migrate your persistent volumes from old volume plugins to Ceph-CSI
Yug Gupta, Subham Rai D.sds Sunday 10:00 10:30
Introducing Garage, a new storage platform for self-hosted geo-distributed clusters Alex Auvolat D.sds Sunday 10:30 11:00
Data Replication and Migration from Ceph RGW to Cloud Soumya Koduri D.sds Sunday 11:00 11:30
COSI : a brief update Jiffin Tony Thottan D.sds Sunday 11:30 12:10

Testing and Automation devroom (11)

Welcome to Testing and Automation devroom Alexander Todorov, Cyril Hrubis, Anders Roxell, Zaklina Stojnev D.testing Saturday 10:00 10:10 slides slides
Automating Code Review with Sparse
Project specific static analysis of a large C codebase
Richard Palethorpe D.testing Saturday 10:15 11:05
Unit testing Linux kernel drivers Laurent Carlier D.testing Saturday 11:20 11:55
Continuous testing in a cloud based infrastructure using virtualization and real hardware in the loop Armand Bénéteau D.testing Saturday 12:00 12:40 slides
Frisbee: An advanced suite for the automated testing of cloud apps over Kubernetes Fotis Nikolaidis D.testing Saturday 14:00 14:40 slides
LAVA + OpenQA = Automated, Continuous Full System Testing James Thomas, Laurence Urhegyi D.testing Saturday 14:45 15:30 slides
Oniro CI/Testing integration with LAVA Stevan Radaković D.testing Saturday 15:45 15:55 slides
How (not) to make a mockery of trust
Testing client software for public-key infrastructure
Matthias Valvekens D.testing Saturday 16:00 16:15
Fuzzing, or How I Generated 1,000,000 New Emulator Test Cases in an Afternoon
Fill your boots. Then fill somebody else's.
Thomas Harte D.testing Saturday 16:20 16:35
History of Testing
let's write it together
Alexander Todorov D.testing Saturday 16:40 16:45 slides slides
5 OpenSource Test Automation tools in 45 minutes!
See a working example of these cool OSS (Test) Automation Tools and see how they compare.
Eric de Graaf D.testing Saturday 16:50 17:50

Valgrind devroom (6)

Upstreaming the FreeBSD Port Paul Floyd D.valgrind Sunday 14:20 15:15 slides slides slides
Enable AVX-512 instructions in Valgrind Tanya Volnina D.valgrind Sunday 15:20 15:45 slides
Valgrind and debuginfo Mark Wielaard D.valgrind Sunday 15:50 16:25
Valgrind on RISC-V Petr Pavlu D.valgrind Sunday 16:30 16:55
Adding Power ISA 3.1 instruction support to Valgrind Carl Love D.valgrind Sunday 17:00 17:25 slides
20 years of Valgrind
Julian Seward, Mark Wielaard D.valgrind Sunday 17:30 18:00

Virtualization and IaaS devroom (14)

What's coming in VIRTIO 1.2
New virtual I/O devices and features
Stefan Hajnoczi D.virtualization Saturday 10:00 10:30 slides
Cross-platform/cross-hypervisor virtio vsock use in go
Usermode networking in CodeReady Containers
Christophe Fergeau D.virtualization Saturday 10:30 11:00 slides
Introducing OKD Virtualization Simone Tiraboschi, Sandro Bonazzola D.virtualization Saturday 11:00 11:30 slides
ToroV, a kernel in user-space, or sort of Matias Vara D.virtualization Saturday 11:30 12:00 slides
KubeVirt scale test by creating 400 VMIs on a single node Marcelo Amaral D.virtualization Saturday 12:00 12:30
DevOps, Cloud Native, DPUs: beyond the buzzwords
The future and evolution of on-prem open source virtualization platforms
Olivier Lambert D.virtualization Saturday 12:30 13:00
Isolating PCI/CXL Devices: It All Starts with System Launch Daniel Smith D.virtualization Saturday 13:00 13:30
Automatic CPU and NUMA pinning Liran Rotenberg D.virtualization Saturday 13:30 14:00
Network interface hotplug for Kubernetes Miguel Barroso D.virtualization Saturday 14:00 14:30 slides
The story of adding TPM support to oVirt Milan Zamazal D.virtualization Saturday 14:30 15:00
Deploying VMs and Containers across Infrastructure Providers
Presenting OpenNebula’s new Edge Cloud Architecture
Alejandro Huertas D.virtualization Saturday 15:00 15:30
Phyllome OS
A Fedora Remix built to leverage KVM/QEMU virtualization locally
Lukas Greve D.virtualization Saturday 15:30 16:15
Hardware-accelerated graphics in secure multi-tenant environments
What is the current status, and what is blocking it?
Demi Obenour D.virtualization Saturday 16:15 17:15
Tracing KubeVirt traffic with Istio Radim Hrazdil D.virtualization Saturday 17:15 17:35 slides

Web3 Infrastructure devroom (22)

Open Source Data with Ceramic
Why the future of the web is self-certifying
Joel Thorstensson D.web3 Saturday 14:00 14:30 slides
Scaffold a Holochain App in 10 minutes
Demo and workshop for making a simple, functional Holochain App with scaffolding tools
guillem.cordoba D.web3 Saturday 15:00 15:30
Building Web3's Video Infrastructure Layer
Why Openness and Decentralization Matters with livepeer
Jaron Vietor D.web3 Saturday 15:30 16:00 slides
Mixing Peer to Peer Protocols on the Web
With The Agregore Web Browser
Mauve Signweaver D.web3 Saturday 16:00 16:30
Introduction to Neighbourhoods
A Holochain-based framework for reputation data
Emaline Friedman D.web3 Saturday 17:00 17:30
Scaling a Decentralized Metaverse in Browser without Data Leaks
Hacking old tech to achieve new protocols
Mark Nadal D.web3 Saturday 17:30 18:05
Decentralized Self Sovereign Trust Graphs Harlan Wood D.web3 Sunday 09:30 10:00
Peergos - Combining peer-to-peer connectivity, end-to-end encryption and fine grained access control to build a secure and privacy focused self-certifying web protocol kevin o'dwyer D.web3 Sunday 10:00 10:30
Āhau: Māori Identity & Data Sovereignty Mix Irving D.web3 Sunday 10:30 11:00
WASM for dummies
A very short primer in a series of acts
Divya Mohan D.web3 Sunday 11:00 11:30
xHumanity and Web3
xHumanity - reputation, reduction of fake news, and privacy
Cosmin Vranceanu D.web3 Sunday 12:00 12:25 paper paper
Commoditizing P2P development
With Aqua language and Fluence
Dmitry Kurinskiy D.web3 Sunday 12:30 13:05
The merits of being a bicycle when everything else is a hyperloop.
Sam Gwilym D.web3 Sunday 13:05 13:30
Edges Are Infrastructure: IPFS Everywhere for a More Resilient Future
Adventures in IPFS support across Bluetooth, mobile devices, XR and more!
Dietrich Ayala D.web3 Sunday 13:30 13:55
The Quark Browser
Uncovering the paths through the web
Joy Q Zhang D.web3 Sunday 14:00 14:30 slides
Swarm, what's in it for me?
Developers edition
Rinke Hendriksen D.web3 Sunday 14:30 15:00
State of libp2p
Status quo and future roadmap of the peer-to-peer networking library libp2p.
Max Leonard Inden D.web3 Sunday 15:00 15:30 audio
Hyper Hyper Space: In-browser p2p applications
A quick tour on using the browser as a p2p node
Santiago Bazerque D.web3 Sunday 15:30 16:00
Collabortive group self-awareness with Where, a Holochain app
A demo of how distributed ledger tech can up-regulate group capacity.
Eric Harris-Braun D.web3 Sunday 16:00 16:30
Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identifiers with DIDKit Charles Lehner D.web3 Sunday 16:30 16:55
Building Interoperable Applications with Solid in 2022 Jackson Morgan D.web3 Sunday 17:00 17:25
How to build a free and open cloud Adam Souzis D.web3 Sunday 17:30 18:00

Test Track (3)

Test talk Number One FOSDEM Programme Team, Kat Gerasimova, Donnie The Hacker M.test Saturday 10:00 10:10
Test talk Number Two FOSDEM Programme Team, Kat Gerasimova, MTRNord, Donnie The Hacker M.test Saturday 10:10 10:20
Test talk Number Three Kat Gerasimova, Donnie The Hacker M.test Saturday 10:20 10:30

Box86 stand (1)

Welcome to the Box86 stand S.box86 Saturday 09:30 10:00

Checkmk stand (1)

Welcome to the Checkmk stand S.checkmk Saturday 09:30 10:00

CiviCRM stand (1)

Welcome to the CiviCRM stand S.civicrm Saturday 09:30 10:00

openSUSE stand (0)

Debian stand (1)

Welcome to the Debian stand S.debian Saturday 09:30 10:00

Eclipse Foundation stand (1)

Welcome to the Eclipse Foundation stand S.eclipse Saturday 09:30 10:00

Fedora Project stand (1)

Welcome to the Fedora Project stand S.fedora Saturday 09:30 10:00

Foreman stand (1)

Welcome to the Foreman stand S.foreman Saturday 09:30 10:00

FOSSASIA stand (1)

Welcome to the FOSSASIA stand S.fossasia Saturday 09:30 10:00

Free Software Foundation Europe stand (1)

Welcome to the Free Software Foundation Europe stand S.fsfe Saturday 09:30 10:00

FreeBSD Project stand (1)

Welcome to the FreeBSD Project stand S.freebsd Saturday 09:30 10:00

GNOME stand (1)

Welcome to the GNOME stand S.gnome Saturday 09:30 10:00

Google Summer of Code stand (1)

Welcome to the Google Summer of Code stand S.gsoc Saturday 09:30 10:00

Haiku stand (1)

Welcome to the Haiku stand S.haiku Saturday 09:30 10:00

illumos stand (1)

Welcome to the illumos stand S.illumos Saturday 09:30 10:00

KDE Community stand (1)

Welcome to the KDE Community stand S.kde Saturday 09:30 10:00

Kiwi TCMS stand (1)

Welcome to the Kiwi TCMS stand Saturday 09:30 10:00

LibreOffice stand (1)

Welcome to the LibreOffice stand S.libreoffice Saturday 09:30 10:00

LibreSOC Project stand (1)

Welcome to the LibreSOC Project stand S.libresoc Saturday 09:30 10:00

MariaDB Foundation stand (1)

Welcome to the MariaDB Foundation stand S.mariadb Saturday 09:30 10:00

Matrix stand (1)

Welcome to the Matrix stand S.matrix Saturday 09:30 10:00

Mautic stand (1)

Welcome to the Mautic stand
Discover the power of open source marketing automation with Mautic!
S.mautic Saturday 09:30 10:00

Nextcloud Hub stand (1)

Welcome to the Nextcloud Hub stand S.nextcloud Saturday 09:30 10:00

ntop stand (1)

Welcome to the ntop stand S.ntop Saturday 09:30 10:00

Oniro Project stand (1)

Welcome to the Oniro Project stand
The Distributed Operating System That Connects Consumer Devices Big and Small
S.oniro Saturday 09:30 10:00

ONLYOFFICE stand (1)

Welcome to the ONLYOFFICE stand S.onlyoffice Saturday 09:30 10:00

OpenMandriva stand (1)

Welcome to the OpenMandriva stand S.openmandriva Saturday 09:30 10:00

OpenTAP stand (1)

Welcome to the OpenTAP stand S.opentap Saturday 09:30 10:00

OpenUK stand (1)

Welcome to the OpenUK stand S.openuk Saturday 09:30 10:00

openwifi stand (1)

Welcome to the openwifi stand
The open-source WiFi chip (FPGA currently)
S.openwifi Saturday 09:30 10:00

OW2 Open Source Community stand (1)

Welcome to the OW2 Open Source Community stand S.ow2 Saturday 09:30 10:00

Pharo stand (1)

Welcome to the Pharo stand S.pharo Saturday 09:30 10:00

PostgreSQL stand (1)

Welcome to the PostgreSQL stand S.postgresql Saturday 09:30 10:00

Pulp stand (1)

Welcome to the Pulp stand S.pulp Saturday 09:30 10:00

ReactOS stand (1)

Welcome to the ReactOS stand S.reactos Saturday 09:30 10:00

RefPerSys stand (1)

Welcome to the RefPerSys stand S.refpersys Saturday 09:30 10:00

schul-frei stand (1)

Welcome to the schul-frei stand S.schulfrei Saturday 09:30 10:00

The Apache Software Foundation stand (1)

Welcome to the The Apache Software Foundation stand S.apache Saturday 09:30 10:00

Ubuntu stand (1)

Welcome to the Ubuntu stand S.ubuntu Saturday 09:30 10:00

XCP-ng stand (1)

Welcome to the XCP-ng stand S.xcpng Saturday 09:30 10:00

XWiki & CryptPad stand (1)

Welcome to the XWiki & CryptPad stand S.xwiki Saturday 09:30 10:00

Infodesk (2)

The Virtual FOSDEM Infodesk (Saturday) I.infodesk Saturday 09:00 18:00
The Virtual FOSDEM Infodesk (Sunday) I.infodesk Sunday 09:00 18:00

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