Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Expanding IQEngine into a Hub for Previewing RF Signal Processing Software

IQEngine is a free and open source web-based toolkit for analyzing, processing, and sharing RF recordings. It is built on top of the FOSS SigMF metadata standard, and the canonical instance of the site running at acts as a central repository for example SigMF recordings, while being a valuable tool for signal analysis and RF/DSP education. Using IQEngine's plugin API, miscellaneous RF signal processing functions/apps can be triggered to run on the backend, with resulting IQ samples or other outputs such as signal detection/classification immediately visible on the IQEngine spectrogram interface. Authors of these RF functions can add their function to as a plugin in order to share it with the world. This talk will demo the current tool and discuss the concept of expanding IQEngine from being just a tool for users to preview RF recordings/datasets, into a way to preview RF functions/apps/software, including the current steps that have been completed towards this goal.


Marc Lichtman