Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Bare-Metal Networking For Everyone

Do you feel that networking can be overwhelming? You are not alone. Understanding container networking may feel like a superpower and Kubernetes on Bare Metal may sound like dark magic, but don’t get scared. We all know Bare Metal helps your AI/ML applications to run faster, but the learning curve can be steep.

Kubernetes manages host networking on the nodes it deploys. Isn’t it a chicken and egg situation? What exactly happens with the network traffic inside a Kubernetes cluster? Which host interfaces are used by Kubernetes? Where to look to troubleshoot network issues with your workload? Last but not least, how to make your network lightning fast?

In this session we will explain everything you need to understand how on-prem networking works. Loadbalancers, DNS, whatever you need. We will give you a simple way to deploy your workload, even on the most complex topologies.

To make it more entertaining, we will demo a cluster running on a platform that ultimately broke our understanding of what on-prem and what a cloud is, putting a question mark on some fundamental definitions. Join us and deploy your own bare metal cloud tomorrow.


Photo of Mateusz Kowalski Mateusz Kowalski