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ZIMjs 2D PWA apps into 3D+VR with ThreeJS 2D + 3D/VR is a general Canvas Framework to create PWA (progressive Web Apps) for free, with simple, powerful JavaScript that lets everyone, from beginners to professionals, code creativity.

Hello developers, teachers, we celebrate ZIM 10 years! Made by Dr. Abstract! You can use ZIM in different cases ( to have an overview started in 2014)

Why ZIM?

  • teachers who want to inspire kids 'computentional thinking' with real code :-)
  • developers who want to create a colorful world of creativity tools and apps!
  • making digital art with and NFT
  • making apps and games or PWA ZIM apps
  • ZIM 3D+VR launched sept.2023 of with integration of ThreeJS
  • into an interactive interactive 3D world with 2D canvas apps with keyboard-arrows to navigate
  • into an interactive 3D world with touch on smartphone for examples
  • into VR-glasses with the VR-button at the bottom of each ZIM-app (Z+APP = ZAPP)!

ZIM for developers

  • You can find info on about how to integrate with ReactJS, VueJS,..
  • developers can find articles on for more info.
  • Angry Birds Physics example on you can find for example to make in 15 minutes AngryBirds example

ZIM for teachers and kids

  • Check the videos on or
  • ZIM made for teachers the where teacher can save for free ZIMapps and create lists to inspire kids,
  • The code editor for kids 'SLATE' ( )

Programming with kids

To understand the ZIM code we created levels to understand programming


Examples of apps for kids

We make games for kids examples

  • !

ZIM media

Please check the video's and teasers

  • and
  • for more info.

MIT License FOSS Free Open Source Software

ZIM is open source software license


Photo of Karel Rosseel Karel Rosseel