Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Karel Rosseel

Photo of Karel Rosseel

I'm projectleader 'apps' in primary schools and teacher ICT to kids of 12-16 years old. I'm passionate about working with because kids have to type to create a scene with pictures. Kids need to see the 'magic' of code magiode ! So I'm already working with ZIM from 2020 and i updated 53 suggestions and look into the code to see no errors, otherwise I report it to Dan Zen (the inventor of ZIM) his video You can find all my updates on and search for 'Karel' . I worked for my wife who is childrengardenteacher a website with movies and games for kids . I made my own website for Dutch speaking people at I'm living in Antwerp/Beveren-Waas in Belgium where I now teach also ZIM to adult teachers to be able to show how ZIM can make cool apps as and and much more.


Title Day Room Track Start End
ZIM Workshop
Saturday J.1.106 FOSDEM junior 15:10 16:10
ZIMjs 2D PWA apps into 3D+VR with ThreeJS
Sunday H.1301 (Cornil) FOSS Educational Programming Languages devroom 16:00 17:00