Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Energy optimisation: smart home meets smart district

The energy transition is causing major issues on our local network infrastructure as well as individual households to become self sufficient. A know problem for everybody attending. However a practical combined approach is new...

In this talk we will be presenting several operational use cases, addressing the combined energy optimisation at household level and maximum self consumption within a district or microgrid (to prevent local congestion). Moreover, we are addressing ways how two worlds, can meet in the middle: the one at grid level with DSO's, system integrators and large (industrial, commercial) users) with the one at the home level (consumers, energy providers, consumer products). In addition we like to share and discuss how the merging of two traditionally separate domains (heating and electricity) will impact optimisation.

We will present and show (live demos) the following operational use cases, fully build on open source: - Nottingham City Council - Microgrid optimisation at Eastcroft depot, with V2G, solar, storage, and agile tariffs - Amsterdam Sporenburg - Preventing network congestion involving 500 households, as well as controlling (public) charging infrastructure; preparing for energy sharing - Athens - Energy cooperation with shared solar plant, optimising self consumption with the community members smart homes


Photo of Pierre Kil Pierre Kil