Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Energy: Reimagining this Ecosystem through Open Source

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Driving digital transformation of energy systems to accelerate decarbonization

Energy is more important than ever before now that the world is rapidly adopting renewable energy in the context of climate change, commitments to implementing ESG (environmental, social and governance) plans, and in light of rising prices due to geopolitical conflicts. This fundamental restructuring of our energy infrastructure requires many new technologies, including both hardware and software. This devroom wants to bring attention to the existing projects in the field, showcase what can be done with them today and, together with attendees, build an interconnected vision of the path ahead.

The last couple of years have seen some major energy related free software projects launched, including the Home Assistant Energy module, OpenEMS and the multitude of projects under the LF Energy flag. These free software building blocks enable new opportunities in the field of energy.

New digital and networked technical solutions are being introduced as part of a major reimagination of the energy ecosystem. This digitalisation creates demand and the opportunity for software that not only meets current needs of the energy domain, but enables the future advancements necessary to achieve decarbonization goals. Energy software has been discussed at energy industry-specific conferences and at scattered individual presentations in the technology sector, but usually in silos. Consumers, businesses, policymakers, communities, solution providers, scientists, organisations, energy companies and grid operators all need to bring their expertise, solutions and needs to the table to develop holistic solutions to the planet’s needs.

The goal of this devroom is to showcase existing efforts in this area and to encourage discussion and collaboration. We prefer to organise the devroom with presentations of applications and use-cases rather than specific product presentations.

This dedicated Energy devroom will foster the diverse collaboration that is needed to successfully transform our energy systems.

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