Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Advanced Linux Power Management Evaluation using Perf

Functioning power management is important for the entire spectrum of systems, from embedded to server systems. However, the presentation is specifically aimed at analyzing the Linux software stack - inclusive kernel - of embedded products. It shows how embedded Arm64 systems differ from Intel/AMD systems and what impact this has on the power management software design. The presentation gives concrete insights on how to identify wakeups, the impact of scaling governors and many other subsystems of the kernel. The talk is intermixed by numerous practical examples, which should enable the listener to autonomously analyze and optimize the power consumption for complex embedded systems.

The talk has no prerequisites for the audience. Topics such as scheduling or CPU frequency governors are introduced in the talk. Of course, the listener should have a basic understanding of a Linux system and at least a basic understanding of concepts such as processes and interrupts.

Even if the talk focuses on an embedded system, the knowledge provided can, with a few exceptions, also be transferred to a server system. So there is no reason for amd64 people to be left out!

In addition, a new power management kernel analyzer tool will be introduced and its use, which is not yet available in the kernel upstream tree. Further, discussions about a more flexible, eBPF based CPUIdle governor and other research topics are introduced and can be discussed.


Photo of Hagen Paul Pfeifer Hagen Paul Pfeifer