Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Unleash the Power of Flexibility with Shapeshifter: A Universal Flex Trading Protocol

Decentralized energy production is becoming more prevalent and electrification is increasing. While this is a positive development, it is creating new challenges for grid operators who must facilitate this rapid change on their existing electricity grids. Grid operators try to maximize the utility of the current grid, using flexibility of electricity production and consumption.

Shapeshifter is an open source protocol that enables the fastest, fairest, and lowest cost route to a smart energy future by delivering one common approach to efficiently connect smart energy projects and technologies.

Shapeshifter implements the Universal Smart Energy Framework for flexibility forecasting, offering, ordering, and settlement processes. Additionally, Shapeshifter enables trading via DSO/TSO coordination platforms that support the protocol. Shapeshifter focuses on the exchange of flexibility between aggregators and distribution and transmission system operators. It describes the corresponding market interactions between them to resolve grid constraints by applying congestion management or grid capacity management.

In the presentation, we will introduce Shapeshifter and show the most recent applications of the protocol.


Photo of Tom Wetjens Tom Wetjens
Hugo van der Zwaag