Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


OpenSTEF: Opensource Short Term Energy Forecasting

The energy transition poses new challenges to all parties in the energy sector. For grid operators, the rise in renewable energy and electrification of energy consumption leads to the capacity of the grid to near its physical constraints. Forecasting the load on the grid in the next hours to days is essential for anticipating on local congestion and making the most of existing assets. OpenSTEF provides a complete software stack which forecasts the load on the electricity grid for the next hours to days. Given a timeseries of measured (net) load or generation, a fully automated machine learning pipeline is executed which delivers a probabilistic forecast of future load. During this presentation, the implementation of OpenSTEF to fully automatically forecast the load on the grid at the Dutch Distributed System Operator will be shown. Furthermore, the community built around OpenSTEF will be discussed. Take a look at the OpenSTEF website and Github.


Photo of Jonita Ruiter Jonita Ruiter