Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Linker Scripts in LLD and how they compare with GNU ld

LLD supports linker scripts using the GNU ld manual as a de-facto specification. While the information in the manual is necessary, it isn't sufficient as parts are explicitly "implementation defined" and others are underspecified. While many linker scripts will be interpreted the same way in LLD and GNU ld the differences can catch people out. This can extend to the "default" linker script case, which is not handled in the same way by LLD.

The talk will cover: * Basics of linker script notation and what they are used for. * The LLD and GNU ld "default" linker script. * How LLD and GNU ld handle parts of the specification that are "implementation defined". * Other known differences between LLD and GNU ld.

The talk will be most useful to developers needing to write a linker script, or are interested in how they are implemented.


Photo of Peter Smith Peter Smith