Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


EVerest: One stack to charge them all?

The main goal of EVerest is to develop and maintain an open source software stack for EV chargers with implementations of various communication protocols, robust hardware support and the ability to simulate the complete charging process.

In this talk we will give a short update on the exciting progress EVerest has seen over the last year.

We will also show you a selection of the different kinds of hardware EVerest is already capable of running on, like AC and DC chargers (for which open hardware designs are available). Additionally we will present how EVerest can be used to implement different kinds of devices like a portable, handheld DC "charger" that can be used for protocol testing various EVs.

We will also briefly discuss our plans for EV-side simulation and some of the exciting things we're working on to make our dream of providing a fully open source EV charging solution with extensive protocol support a reality!


Photo of Kai-Uwe Hermann Kai-Uwe Hermann