Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


LFEnergy SEAPATH - Easier Operations in Electrical Substations through Digital Twin Empowerment

Managing electrical substations poses significant challenges. The high costs associated with hardware and equipment, as well as the high level of knowledge necessary in electrical engineering, make the work and research in this field accessible only to a select few major electrical companies. The LFEnergy SEAPATH project introduces a paradigm shift in this sector. By aggregating third-party FOSS components, it brings virtualization to electrical grid substations and provides a robust solution for critical infrastructures, enhancing their adaptability and increasing their interconnections.

The primary objective of SEAPATH is to transition from a hardware-centric to a software-centric model within substations, leading to reduced costs, improved adaptability, and simplified maintenance and updates. Moreover, the project aims to democratize participation in the field. SEAPATH eliminates the need for specialized equipment in both the construction and testing phases of a substation system. The project further emphasizes an open-source philosophy, incorporating meaningful documentation and a transparent strategy.

This presentation will delve into Savoir-faire Linux's experience in replicating a SEAPATH infrastructure in their laboratory. It will provide insights into the architecture of SEAPATH and the essential tools employed for conducting functionnal tests. The tools showcased encompass Precision Time Protocol (PTP) at software level, IEC 61850 Sample Value simulation as well as latency measurements . Crucially, this talk aims to communicate the inclusivity of SEAPATH, making it accessible to a broader audience. By eliminating the need for specialized expertise in electrical engineering, SEAPATH opens the door for researchers, mathematicians, and professionals from diverse backgrounds to contribute meaningfully to the project. The presentation will highlight the collaborative potential of SEAPATH, fostering a community where individuals with various skill sets can actively participate in shaping the future of electrical substation virtualization.


Erwann Roussy
Paul Le Guen de Kerneizon