Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


What can Compiler-Explorer do for GCC

Compiler-Explorer is a website which main usage consists in entering a program in a text field and getting the corresponding assembly output, for a given set of user selected compilers. Compiler-Explorer has more than 2000 compilers installed and executes 4M compilations/week. Yet Compiler-Explorer can do much more than simply displaying the assembly: sharing a compilation, using libraries, executing the program, using various tools (on source code or on resulting binaries), visualizing the CFG, accessing its services through an API, etc.

For a compiler user, the website is useful to test how a given language construct is compiled, to optimize for size and/or performance, etc. For a compiler developer, the website can be used to share bug reproducer, test if a bug applies to other versions of the compiler, inspect IR dumps, use scripts to automate some tasks, etc.

I'm proposing a short presentation focused on how Compiler-Explorer can be used around GCC: compare the results of different compilations, inspect the Tree/RTL dumps, check the result for other compiler versions/arguments, etc. I'm also interested in getting some feedback and/or ideas for new features.


Marc Poulhiès