Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Deploy Your Next Python App with WebAssembly (Wasm): Smaller, Safer, Faster

This talk will highlight the unique advantages of deploying Python applications using WebAssembly (Wasm) on the server. Moving away from conventional deployment strategies, Wasm introduces a groundbreaking approach, promising smaller, faster, and more secure server applications. We'll explore the integration of Python with server-side Wasm environments, focusing on the performance, security, and architectural innovations it offers.


Introduction to WebAssembly: Providing an overview of Wasm, with a focus on its relevance and benefits for server-side deployment, especially for Python applications.

Python and Wasm - The How: We'll delve into how Python applications can be effectively deployed on servers using Wasm. This segment will demonstrate how Wasm leads to more compact and quicker server applications compared to traditional deployments with virtual machines or containers.

Enhanced Performance and Security: Discussing the notable improvements in startup times and robust security features that Wasm brings to Python server applications.

Server-Side Innovation with Wasm: A deeper look at how Wasm is transforming server-side programming, opening new avenues in server architecture and performance enhancements.

Practical Examples: Highlighting projects such as the CPython Wasm distribution and my own open-source project, wasm-vfs, which showcase the practical application of Python and Wasm on the server side.

Target Audience:

Server-side developers, Python enthusiasts, and IT professionals interested in cutting-edge deployment and infrastructure technologies.

This session aims to provide an insightful look into how WebAssembly is changing the server-side application deployment landscape, particularly for Python. Attendees will learn about the more efficient, secure, and innovative approach Wasm offers compared to traditional deployment methods.


Photo of Dan Phillips Dan Phillips