Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Problems and solutions for running a distributed virtual world

Overte is a virtual environment comparable to the likes of VR Chat, Resonite or Second Life.

However, our architecture is highly distributed, and our approach to many things such as content hosting is significantly different to that of other platforms. We don't need accounts, servers can be anywhere, and content can be hosted on any HTTP server. Overte closely imitates the WWW, and this brings plenty benefits, but also creates problems other platforms don't have.

In this talk, I will explain what makes us different, what the benefits are to doing things our way, how do we solve problems other systems don't have, and why you might want to try Overte for its unique approach.


Photo of Vadim Troshchinskiy Shmelev Vadim Troshchinskiy Shmelev