Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


GDB on Windows: status & plans

This presentation will give an overview of the status of the Windows port [1] of GDB, and plans for it. We'll talk about:

  • Windows debug API particularities.
  • Non-stop mode, and how we're planning on implementing it on Windows.
  • Ctrl-C handling and what is different on Windows.
  • The GDB testsuite, why nobody is running it on native Windows, and what can we do about it.
  • PDB (Program Database), Microsoft's debug info format.
  • More.

[1] There's actually both GDB as a Cygwin program, and GDB as native Windows program, with MinGW, which could/should be considered two ports, though for some of the topics discussed, they're essentially the same.


Pedro Alves