Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


MatrixRTC: The Future of Matrix Calls

A generic Real Time (RTC) layer for the matrix ecosystem and client implementations

As of now matrix is mostly used as a distributed database powering an instant messaging system. But matrix events which get stored on the homeserver are not suitable for actual real time applications. In this talk we give a brief description of our vision for MatrixRTC which would pave the way for RTC applications such as group calls in your matrix client, a whole collaborative office suite, security/webcam feeds, games, etc.

To realize this vision matrix needs a standardized signaling system for establishing real time (WebRTC) connections between all participants and allow to exchange media and data streams.

In this talk we will present the journey of building Element Call and FluffyChat as MatrixRTC applications for group calls and present the findings we made to make this a stable extensible and secure infrastructure that leverages all the amazing features of matrix.

We will give a technical introduction to the MSC's making up MatrixRTC and explain the decisions made. We will also explain how we implemented it in FluffyChat and how it integrates with native mobile operating systems like Android and iOS.

Interoperability between Element Call and FluffyChat for group calls just became possible a couple of days ago. We want to share this milestone for this new part of matrix. Since its all built ontop of matix the matrix-calls feature account verification and per sender encryption to not only guarantee that the streams are shared securely but also the authenticity of participants. Which makes it one of the most secure digital real time communication method.


Photo of Jayesh Nirve (td) Jayesh Nirve (td)
Timo Kandra