Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Liquid Prompt: yes, we can drastically rethink the design of a shell prompt

The shell is quite an old piece of software. Old in a good way: it has been tested and upgraded to match a level of quality that allows for efficient work. But if you use the command line, you would most certainly benefit from using a good prompt system instead of the default one, because it will help you make sense of the state of your workflow. Among modern prompt systems, Liquid Prompt is the older one, surely the one with the best feature set, and probably the one having thought the most of about its design. This presentation will introduce the why and how of the "Dotmatrix" theme for Liquid Prompt, which drastically rethink how information is displayed to the user. It will discuss the impact on UX of accessibility, the ANSI color space, information significance and text-oriented visual grammar(s).


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