Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


OpenRAN & Open Source: The Cool Kids of Telecom - Shaking Up 5G/LTE Networks

Join me for a quick but exciting dive into how Open Source and OpenRAN are reshaping the telecom world, especially in 5G and LTE networks. Imagine being part of a tech revolution that's ramping up, but with less drama and more practical solutions.

We'll touch on quite fresh topics like containerization and eBPF technologies, and let's not overlook the L1 layer – the real powerhouse, energized by projects like FlexRAN, ARM RAL, and OpenAir Interface.

Also, we'll spotlight emerging projects like Sylva and L3AF, demonstrating how they're innovating in network deployment.

And here's the main course: we'll delve into where open source can truly shine, particularly in hardware-focused areas like L1, where every microsecond is an eternity and dragons in the form of proprietary algorithms and software roam.

Join in for a session that's informative, straightforward, and sprinkled with a bit of fun. Let's explore how we're not just using technology, but actively evolving with it.


Photo of Jakub Duchniewicz Jakub Duchniewicz