Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Jakub Duchniewicz

Photo of Jakub Duchniewicz

akub is a graduate of MSc in Embedded Systems with a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Jakub is currently working as an engineer and a team leader at Tietoevry where he hones his low-level skills developing L1 features for 5G NR and LTE with tightly constrained hardware.

His experience ranges from embedded and systems programming, through FPGAs, audio/video processing, game engine development to Machine Learning and DevOps. He is proficient with C++14/17 and C in video/sound processing. Currently his focus is in the area of embedded Machine Learning, Rust language and embedded security and reverse engineering.

Being a team player, he often mentors other people, be it at work or during game jams/hackathons. He often shares his knowledge on his personal website via blog posts. He is also a frequent game-jammer where he has time and again proven to be worthy of winning a prize :)


Title Day Room Track Start End
OpenRAN & Open Source: The Cool Kids of Telecom - Shaking Up 5G/LTE Networks
Saturday UB5.230 Network devroom 17:05 17:25