Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Happy translating! It is possible to overcome the language barrier in Open Source!

Back to more than decades ago, when Wentao worked in a college as a professor, he translated English Textbooks to Chinese students. Later he joined Apache Openmeetings project and translated the software into Chinese, including edit check, manual, website, and language framework. As a senior translator in some of China's largest open source communities, recently he is involved in a review role in translating the latest Linux Foundation Research report "Standing Together on Shared Challenges" on the 2023 Open Source Congress into Chinese, and also working on video subtitle and review of Deep Dive AI sessions by OSI into Chinese. In the talk, the speaker will share his translation experience and lessons he learned, how to recruit new people to translate his project, how to motivate volunteer contributors via rewarding methods, how to translate Openmeetings website, tools such as DeepL, Google Translator, Crowdin and Youtube will be discussed. Though this is not a technical session about how to do translation, but we assume the audience should have basic translation and open source knowledge.


Photo of Wentao Liu Wentao Liu