Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Support Dynamically Linked Executables via Linux and Implement ENA Driver to Expand Application of OSv

From the beginning, OSv has been designed to implement a subset of the Linux flavor of POSIX API. Initially, most Linux applications had to be re-compiled from source as shared libraries. Starting with the release 0.54.0, it has become possible to run unmodified Linux position-independent executables (so-called "PIEs") and position-dependent executables "as-is".

In my presentation, I will talk about how OSv has been enhanced to support running statically linked executables. Not only that, the same improvements make it possible to execute dynamically linked executables via Linux dynamic linker. I will also briefly describe a newly added strace-like capability aimed to help analyze system calls on the fly.

In addition, I will explain how we have implemented the ENA networking driver and thus made it possible to run OSv on AWS Nitro EC2 instances.

Finally, I will briefly cover the upcoming build configuration tool, based on Xconfig, aimed to let the user select OSv kernel components to be included or excluded and various parameters to be configured.


Photo of Waldemar Kozaczuk Waldemar Kozaczuk