Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Updates and Innovations with the Apptainer Platform

Apptainer, an open-source containerization software built for HPC and used by over 25,000 computing sites worldwide, entered the Linux Foundation about two years ago. This was accompanied by a rebasing in version and a fresh roadmap of features for the software project moving forward. A significant amount of development has happened both on these features and on methods of utilizing Apptainer itself for greater efficiency in HPC since this changeover. This talk will explain these developments, including new support for fully rootless builds and installs of Apptainer, ways Apptainer now leverages the Linux user namespace for some of its features, innovations in using Apptainers with MPI and fabric adaptors, and the usefulness of ORAS protocol in software supply chain management and its current state of integration with OCI registries.

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Photo of Forrest Burt Forrest Burt