Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Vivien Barnier

Photo of Vivien Barnier

Vivien Barnier, is a renewable energy engineer and in love with the open source philosophy. He is the CEO of the EnAccess Foundation. He has more than eight years of professional experience in the renewable energy and electrification sector for the Global South. His expertise lies in technical design, construction, operation, business model development, and regulation of off-grid renewable energy projects (mini-grids and standalone solar systems). Before working at EnAccess he has advised R&D in companies, development banks, governments, and investors on rural electrification programs. As CEO of EnAccess, Vivien leads a team of experts that promotes and supports open source innovations to expedite the implementation of decentralized energy systems in rural and peri-urban areas.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Power to the People - Technology for Access to Energy
Saturday H.2214 Energy: Reimagining this Ecosystem through Open Source devroom 14:30 14:55
Unveiling the Open Renewable Energy Systems (ORES) Initiative - Panel Discussion
Sunday Janson Main Track - Janson 16:00 16:50