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Empowering the school of the future
Remotely accessing files in a distributed LDAP and Samba-based infrastructure
Marco Marinello, Paolo Dongilli Saturday 10:00 10:45 paper
Tools and Concepts for Successfully Open Sourcing Your Project Sanja Bonic, Janos Pasztor Saturday 10:45 11:30
Digital freedom with youth and education
Benedict Suska Saturday 11:30 12:15
The Death of Openness and Freedom?
Open Source Under Attack
Matt Yonkovit Saturday 12:15 13:00
How to defeat imposter syndrome
Confessions of a developer
Matteo Bruno Saturday 13:00 14:00
The Democratization of Databases Bruce Momjian Saturday 14:00 15:00

Miscellaneous (4)

Live wallpapers for the X window system
John Tsiombikas M.misc Saturday 15:30 16:30
Layered Governance for your Infrastructure with Kubernetes, OPA, and Terraform Taylor Dolezal M.misc Saturday 16:30 17:15
Watch the Asciinema Replay of Your Home-Made Honeypot Sanja Bonic, Janos Pasztor M.misc Saturday 17:15 18:00
Fly like a rocket with Helidon
Dmitry Aleksandrov M.misc Sunday 10:00 11:00

Performance (1)

The Evolution of File Descriptor Monitoring in Linux
From select(2) to io_uring
Stefan Hajnoczi M.misc Sunday 15:00 16:00

Virtual Events (2)

Building massive virtual communities in Matrix
or... Spaces: The Final Frontier!
Matthew Hodgson M.misc Sunday 12:00 13:00
Vircadia - A Technical Introduction Vadim Troshchinskiy M.misc Sunday 16:00 17:00

Lightning Talks (19)

Making terminals do things that were never intended
nick black L.lightningtalks Saturday 13:00 13:20 other
Secrets or not, but don't clear text.
Current state of secret management with Kubernetes
Rom L.lightningtalks Saturday 13:20 13:40
0 A.D.: Graphics Development
"Who said programming is boring?"
Vladislav Belov L.lightningtalks Saturday 13:40 14:00
FOSS for the Professional Historian
Optimizing a Multisouce Historical Research Workflow in BSD or GNU/Linux with a Tiling Window Manager and Manuscripts Galore
Corey Stephan L.lightningtalks Saturday 14:00 14:20
chezmoi: manage your dotfiles across multiple, diverse machines, securely. Tom Payne L.lightningtalks Saturday 14:20 14:40
Local manufacturing of open-source devices for medical labs in Africa: prototyping stage in Cameroon. ELISEE JAFSIA L.lightningtalks Saturday 14:40 15:00 paper
GFXprim a graphic and widget library written in plain C Cyril Hrubis L.lightningtalks Saturday 15:00 15:20 slides
First Ph.D. then Open Source Startup
How to start an open source business while getting a Ph.D.
Dirk Riehle L.lightningtalks Saturday 16:00 16:20
Virgo: A Versatile Spectrometer for Radio Astronomy Apostolos Spanakis-Misirlis L.lightningtalks Saturday 16:20 16:40
25 languages in 25 days Peter Eisentraut L.lightningtalks Sunday 13:00 13:20
Etebase - Your End-to-End Encrypted Backend
Building encrypted applications has never been easier
Tom Hacohen (tasn) L.lightningtalks Sunday 13:20 13:40
Updates to the v1.0 of the Weaviate Vector Search Engine
Bob van Luijt L.lightningtalks Sunday 13:40 14:00
An I2P-based, fully distributed Bank
Free Banking Technology. For Everyone.
Konrad Bächler L.lightningtalks Sunday 14:00 14:20
RETURNING clause ... Have your cake and eat it too!
RETURNING result set in DML statements
Rucha Deodhar L.lightningtalks Sunday 14:20 14:30
Building a Git learning game
A playful approach to version control
blinry L.lightningtalks Sunday 14:40 15:00
Contributing beyond Code: My 6 months review
My Open Source achievement
Ruth Ikegah L.lightningtalks Sunday 15:00 15:20
Perl, the hidden automation gem
On how Perl can be used in almost every CI/CD environment, and you probably didn't know
L.lightningtalks Sunday 15:20 15:40
Accessibility Considerations
Including Everyone - Focus on Accessibility
Marcia Wilbur L.lightningtalks Sunday 15:40 16:00
ClassOps: pre-grading student assignments using CI pipelines L.lightningtalks Sunday 16:00 16:20

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Certification (0)

Apache OpenOffice devroom (2)

Doc Talk [Apache OpenOffice] Marcia Wilbur D.apache.openoffice Saturday 14:30 15:15
OpenOffice UNO Programming with Groovy Carl Marcum D.apache.openoffice Saturday 15:15 16:00

Beyond Blockchain - Distributed Web devroom (0)

BSD devroom (4)

Managing virtual resources with CBSD, and beyond
CBSD ecosystem is growing and now you manage more than just virtual resources
Goran Mekić D.bsd Sunday 11:00 12:00
hello... again?
Simplicity, elegance, and usability for the desktop
Simon Peter D.bsd Sunday 12:10 13:10 other
Porting fwupd to the BSD distributions
Porting firmware update system from Linux to FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, and DragonFlyBSD
Norbert Kamiński D.bsd Sunday 13:20 13:50
What’s new in sudo and syslog-ng?
A BSD-specific view
Peter Czanik D.bsd Sunday 14:00 14:45

Cloud Computing IaaS devroom (0)

Collaborative Information and Content Management Applications devroom (10)

Designing a human centric next generation internet
Vision and progress on the Interpeer Project
Jens Finkhaeuser D.collab Saturday 10:00 11:00 slides
Living on the edge with CryptPad
Privacy, distributed computation, and architectures of resilience
Aaron MacSween D.collab Saturday 11:00 11:35
From 0 to public website in 20 minutes with XWiki Anca Luca D.collab Saturday 11:35 12:00
Collabora Online for your documents
Hear how we have been improving Online's UX, features & community
Michael Meeks D.collab Saturday 12:00 12:30
Blurring the Lines: Tiki 'No-Code/Low-Code' Empowers
Full Stack Developer without knowledge of any programming languages
Mike Finko D.collab Saturday 12:30 13:30
Lessons learned while collaborating remotely in a global pandemic Silvia Macovei D.collab Saturday 13:30 13:50
Nextcloud Hub overview
This talk gives an overview over all the improvements in Nextcloud from the last 12 month
Frank Karlitschek D.collab Saturday 14:00 15:00
ONLYOFFICE: How to provide ultimate security for real-time document collaboration Alex Mikheev D.collab Saturday 15:00 15:30
Migrating to an Open Source Wiki
Move your data to XWiki from Confluence, Sharepoint or Document Management Systems
Ludovic Dubost D.collab Saturday 15:30 16:30
SemApps : A (Linked-)Data Management System based on SOLID and the semantic web
Fostering interconnections between communities by creating synergies between their platforms
Guillaume Rouyer D.collab Saturday 16:30 17:30

Community devroom (15)

Abracadabra, now everyone's a remotee! Allon Mureinik Sunday 10:00 10:30
Communication Hacks
Strategies for fostering collaboration and dealing with conflict in open source communities
Nuritzi Sanchez Sunday 10:30 11:10
Contributing (with) civil servants
How government and public sector open source projects and contributors are different from individual and corporate ones.
Boris van Hoytema Sunday 11:10 11:35
Does open source need its own Priority of Constituencies? Tobie Langel Sunday 11:35 12:05
Ensuring user focus of open source development: Case MariaDB Server
Encouraging and conducting external evaluation of activities
Kaj Arnö Sunday 12:05 12:30
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Doing Less Deb Nicholson Sunday 12:30 13:00
Improving Onboarding in FOSS Anita Ihuman Sunday 13:00 13:20
Making Documentation a First-class Citizen in Open Source Projects Ray Paik, Sofia Wallin Sunday 13:20 13:50 slides
Mental health and free software
What I wish I’d been told before I got into free software, and more
Brendan Abolivier Sunday 13:50 14:30
Online Conferences and the "new normal". Anna Widenius Sunday 14:30 14:50
Open Source is More Than Just a License
Why an exclusive focus on licensing is an impoverished view of what open source truly is
Don Goodman-Wilson Sunday 14:50 15:35
Open Source Program Offices (OSPO) and their role in OSS ecosystems
How having an OSPO might help to open source software ecosystem sustaintability
Manrique Lopez Sunday 15:35 16:05
Strengthening Developer Communities in mid of pandemic Sonia Singla Sunday 16:05 16:50
Switching Open Source Communities: How to Stay Authentic to Yourself and Find Hidden Benefit In Your New Role Anastasia 'Stacy' Raspopina, Martina Pocchiari Sunday 16:50 17:30
Zoom out to zoom in on the community Adrian OSullivan Sunday 17:30 18:00

Containers devroom (15)

Advanced BPF kernel features for the container age Daniel Borkmann D.containers Sunday 11:00 11:30
Operator SDK use case: virtual machine import to KubeVirt Jakub Dżon D.containers Sunday 11:35 12:05
MariaDB Buildbot Container environments Vlad Bogolin D.containers Sunday 12:10 12:20
Docker Is No More! What Now?
How Are We Going To Live Without Docker?
Viktor Farcic D.containers Sunday 12:25 12:55
vdi using lxd
vdi solution based on lxd container
akrem D.containers Sunday 13:00 13:20
Idmapped Mounts
Flexible file ownership
Christian Brauner D.containers Sunday 13:25 13:55
Hybrid Cloud Open Source DBaaS with Kubernetes
The path to OpenSource DBaaS with Kubernetes
Peter Zaitsev D.containers Sunday 14:00 14:20 video
The OpenNebula alternative to Kubernetes for Containers-as-a-Service Marco Mancini D.containers Sunday 14:25 14:45
Seccomp Notify on Kubernetes
The new Linux superpower coming to a Kubernetes cluster near you!
Alban Crequy D.containers Sunday 14:50 15:10
By The Power of toolbox! Dario Faggioli D.containers Sunday 15:15 15:35
Fully redundant LXD cluster
Bullet proof storage, networking and compute on the cheap
Stéphane Graber D.containers Sunday 15:40 16:10
Build and Run Containers With Lazy Pulling
Adoption status of containerd Stargz Snapshotter and eStargz
Kohei Tokunaga D.containers Sunday 16:15 16:35
containerd port to darwin: Toward Running Linux containers on macOS Hajime Tazaki D.containers Sunday 16:40 17:00
ML inference acceleration on K8s using kata containers & AWS Firecracker Orestis Lagkas Nikolos D.containers Sunday 17:05 17:35
Datacenter class containers for the masses Sri Ramkrishna D.containers Sunday 17:40 18:00

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment devroom (16)

Introduction of the CI/CD devroom D.cicd Sunday 10:00 10:10
The Road to Interoperability in CI/CD Fatih Degirmenci, Kara de la Marck D.cicd Sunday 10:10 10:30
Who watches the watchers - a Jenkins Observability tale
Look Ma, No Hands! Jenkins testability and monitoring
Victor Martinez, Ivan Fernandez Calvo D.cicd Sunday 10:30 11:15
Events in CI/CD Andrea Frittoli D.cicd Sunday 11:15 11:35
MariaDB Buildbot, the journey of a reinvention Vlad Bogolin D.cicd Sunday 11:35 11:55
Combining Progressive Delivery With GitOps And Continuous Delivery Viktor Farcic, Alexander Matyushentsev D.cicd Sunday 11:55 12:40
Improving the Developer Experience of Infrastructure as Code and GitOps Philipp Strube D.cicd Sunday 12:40 13:25
Kuberig, Kubernetes without the YAML burn-out! Tom Eyckmans D.cicd Sunday 13:25 13:45
Collecting and visualizing Continuous Delivery Indicators
In a Kubernetes-based CI/CD platform, using Jenkins X, Lighthouse, Tekton, PostgreSQL and Grafana
Vincent Behar D.cicd Sunday 13:45 14:30
Stairstep your Kubernetes deployment workflow with Gimlet and GitOps
From naive but functional setups, to GitOps at scale
Laszlo Fogas D.cicd Sunday 14:30 14:50
Putting Chaos into Continuous Delivery
How to increase the resilience of your applications
Jürgen Etzlstorfer D.cicd Sunday 14:50 15:35
🍊 ARM your continuous integration system with fruits! 🍌 Bruno Verachten D.cicd Sunday 15:35 15:55
CI on Gitlab. Bringing Gitlab, Tekton and Prow together (with some magic) Rafał Manhart D.cicd Sunday 15:55 16:40
Configure Once, Run Everywhere
How and Why to Use a Common Configuration for Dev, Testing, and CI Environments
Jon Edvald D.cicd Sunday 16:40 17:25
Identifying Performance Changes Using Peass David Georg Reichelt D.cicd Sunday 17:25 17:45
GitOps Working Group - Overview and Invitation Cornelia Davis D.cicd Sunday 17:45 18:05

Declarative and Minimalistic Computing devroom (16)

A few patterns (and one antipattern) you might see only in Raku
A few constructs that might make Raku interesting for programmers of big & small languages alike
Juan Julián Merelo D.declarative.minimalistic Sunday 10:00 10:30
The Fuzion Language
Combining safety and analysability with high performance - while distracted by a 🐶
Fridtjof Siebert D.declarative.minimalistic Sunday 10:30 10:50 slides
What's next for Teal, the typed dialect of Lua Hisham Muhammad D.declarative.minimalistic Sunday 10:50 11:20 slides
A Lisp REPL as my main shell
The shell is dead, long live the REPL!
Pierre Neidhardt D.declarative.minimalistic Sunday 11:20 11:50
GNU Mes - the Full Source Bootstrap
The missing link between stage0/M2-Planet and Mes
Jan Nieuwenhuizen (janneke) D.declarative.minimalistic Sunday 11:50 12:05
Declarative and Minimalistic Computing
The Why
Pjotr Prins D.declarative.minimalistic Sunday 12:05 12:25
Compiling to WebAssembly
Notes from the trenches
Andy Wingo D.declarative.minimalistic Sunday 12:25 13:05 slides
Semantically meaningful S-expression diff
Tree-diff for lisp source code
Arun Isaac D.declarative.minimalistic Sunday 13:05 13:25 slides slides other
Making a simple language is complicated
Humans are so illogical
Christophe de Dinechin D.declarative.minimalistic Sunday 13:25 13:55
Declaratively yours
Composing system abstractions with GNU Guix
Ludovic Courtès D.declarative.minimalistic Sunday 13:55 14:50
Is GNU Guix a minimal distribution, and what might that even mean? Christopher Baines D.declarative.minimalistic Sunday 14:50 15:15
Spritely Goblins: a distributed journey Christopher Webber D.declarative.minimalistic Sunday 15:15 16:00
miniKanren: a minimal declarative language for relational programming webyrd D.declarative.minimalistic Sunday 16:00 16:45
Nyxt browser
configurable computing
John Mecouris D.declarative.minimalistic Sunday 16:45 17:10
Ordered Key-Value Stores
A minimalist's database
Amirouche BOUBEKKI D.declarative.minimalistic Sunday 17:10 17:30
Optimising for humans
Nim meta-programming for 0-cost abstraction on microcontrollers
Peter Munch-Ellingsen D.declarative.minimalistic Sunday 17:30 18:00 slides

Dependency Management devroom (6)

Software Ecosystems as Networks
Advances on the FASTEN project
Paolo Boldi D.dependency Sunday 10:00 10:45
DepClean: Automatically revealing bloated software dependencies in Maven projects César Soto Valero D.dependency Sunday 10:45 11:30
Lost in Zero Space
Can we trust depending on packages with major version zero?
Tom Mens D.dependency Sunday 11:30 12:15
Early warning signs for open source breakages
Using crowd feedback from dependency automation as an early warning indicator
Rhys Arkins D.dependency Sunday 12:15 12:45
As Strong as the Weakest Link
Securing the Software Supply Chain
Brendan O'Leary D.dependency Sunday 12:45 13:25
Reusing dependencies across ecosystems: what stands in the way? Todd Gamblin D.dependency Sunday 13:25 14:00

Distributions devroom (5)

An User & Developer Perspective on Immutable OSes Dario Faggioli D.distributions Saturday 12:30 12:55
Homebrew: macOS Big Sur and ARM Mike McQuaid D.distributions Saturday 13:00 13:30
Two different approaches to building a distribution: OpenHarmony and OpenMandriva
An overview of very different ideas - from someone involved in both projects
Bernhard Rosenkränzer D.distributions Saturday 13:30 14:30
openSUSE MicroOS, a platform for everything from containers, to IoT, and even the desktop
Bigger isn't better, slower isn't safer
Richard Brown D.distributions Saturday 14:45 15:15
Why Public Database as a Service is Prime for Open Source Distribution Peter Zaitsev D.distributions Saturday 15:30 15:55

Embedded, Mobile and Automotive devroom (14)

From Reset Vector to Kernel
Navigating the ARM Matryoshka
Ahmad Fatoum D.embedded Saturday 13:00 14:00
Embedded Linux "from scratch" in 45 minutes... on Risc-V Michael Opdenacker D.embedded Saturday 14:00 15:00 slides
Overview of the Open Source Vulkan Driver for Raspberry Pi 4 Alejandro Piñeiro D.embedded Saturday 15:00 16:00 video slides
The Road to the Mainline ZynqMP VCU Driver Michael Tretter D.embedded Saturday 16:00 17:00
TerosHDL, an open HDL IDE
The goal of TerosHDL is make the VHDL/SV/Verilog development easier and reliable. It is a powerful open source IDE based on VSCode
Carlos Alberto D.embedded Saturday 17:00 17:15
MutantC PDA introduction
open source and hardware PDA shell
Cyril Hrubis D.embedded Saturday 17:15 17:30 slides
Open Harmony - more than an OS Stefan Schmidt D.embedded Saturday 17:30 18:00
Networking Performances in the Linux Kernel, Getting the most out of the Hardware Maxime Chevallier D.embedded Sunday 13:00 14:00
Embedded Linux License Compliance for Hackers & Makers Paul Barker D.embedded Sunday 14:00 14:30 slides slides
Safety and open source, oh my? Simon Hoinkis, Christian Eltzschig D.embedded Sunday 14:30 15:00
Adding Open Hardware to Open Software for a More Equitable IoT
How I Became an Indie Manufacturer and How You Can Too
Adrian McEwen D.embedded Sunday 15:00 15:30
Networked Audio in Android Automotive Suhasini Raghuram D.embedded Sunday 15:30 16:00
Designing an open communication framework for the connected car Kevin Valdek, Ulf Bjorkengren D.embedded Sunday 16:00 16:30
Feedback Wanted: What features and design choices are needed for an Industrial IoT SBC? David Tischler D.embedded Sunday 16:30 17:30

Emulator Development devroom (11)

Emulation 101: How anyone can do it Steven Goodwin D.emulator Saturday 10:00 11:00
The PlayStation 2: From Emotion to Emulation
Celebrating 20 Years of Reverse Engineering
Gauvain Roussel-Tarbouriech D.emulator Saturday 11:00 12:00
Do you even emulate, (Super Mario) bro? Panayiotis Talianos D.emulator Saturday 12:00 12:25
Panel discussion D.emulator Saturday 12:30 13:00
Emulating the full NTSC stack
Creating objective video artefacts
Thomas Harte D.emulator Saturday 13:00 14:00
The Ides of RISC-V
A vectorized Caesar cipher written in RISC-V assembler and tested in an emulator
Will Hawkins D.emulator Saturday 14:00 14:30
Compute Express Link in QEMU
Driver Development for Fashionably Late Hardware
Ben Widawsky D.emulator Saturday 14:30 15:30 slides paper
'Cycle-perfect' is an imperfect marketing term
All about buses
Thomas Harte D.emulator Saturday 15:30 16:00
libretro: One API to Bring Them All
An overview of RetroArch, libretro, and the modularization it brings to the table
Rob Loach D.emulator Saturday 16:00 17:00
Dragging MAME into the 21st century
Practicalities of a large project with two decades of history
Vasantha Crabb D.emulator Saturday 17:00 17:50
Thank you, and good night Emulator Development Room Mahmoud Abdelghany D.emulator Saturday 17:55 18:00

Free Software Radio devroom (14)

Never compile on the target ! GNU Radio on embedded systems using Buildroot
feedback on a graduate course on developing an embedded network analyzer
Jean-Michel Friedt Sunday 10:00 10:30
srsLTE project update Andre Puschmann Sunday 10:30 11:00
openwifi - opensource WiFi chip
Progress 2020 and future idea/plan
Xianjun Jiao Sunday 11:00 11:30
gr-satellites project update Daniel Estévez Sunday 11:30 12:00
Talking to spaceborne RADAR: Sentinel1 data processing
... and seeing a corner reflector as cooperative target
Jean-Michel Friedt Sunday 12:00 12:50
SigDigger: blind signal analysis made easy
Introduction, examples, design details and seeking collaboration.
Gonzalo José Carracedo Carballal Sunday 12:50 13:45
GNU Radio: Organizational Updates 2020 Martin Braun, Derek Kozel, Marc Lichtman Sunday 13:50 14:20
GNU Radio Tech Update
Lifting the mystery of what has happened in GNU Radio over the last 12 months
Marcus Müller Sunday 14:20 14:50
A modular future for GNU Radio Bastian Bloessl, Josh Morman Sunday 14:50 15:20
PySDR: A Guide to SDR and DSP using Python
and lessons learned from teaching CS students DSP + SDR
Marc Lichtman Sunday 15:20 15:40
Optimization of SDR Applications on Heterogeneous Systems-on-Chip (SoCs)
A High-Level Simulation Framework for Evaluating SDR on Heterogeneous SoCs
Samet E Arda Sunday 15:40 16:10
Vector Optimized Library of Kernels
A year in review
Johannes Demel Sunday 16:10 16:40
Runtime Strategies and Task Scheduling of Software-Defined Radio on Heterogeneous Hardware
Is an accelerator always the best option?
Joshua Mack Sunday 16:40 17:10
Improving GNU Radio Accelerator Device Dataflow David Sorber Sunday 17:10 17:30

Friends of OpenJDK devroom (22)

Getting the Most from Modern Java Simon Ritter D.openjdk Saturday 10:00 10:40
10 Ways Everyone Can Support the Java Community Stephen Chin D.openjdk Saturday 10:40 11:20 A Place For Friends of OpenJDK Geertjan Wielenga D.openjdk Saturday 11:20 12:00
The Java Version Almanac Marc Hoffmann D.openjdk Saturday 12:00 12:40
Disco API: OpenJDK Distributions As A Service Gerrit Grunwald D.openjdk Saturday 12:40 13:20
SDKMAN: Software Development Kit Manager Marco Vermeulen D.openjdk Saturday 13:20 14:00
Bach Builds (on(ly)) Java Modules Christian Stein D.openjdk Saturday 14:00 14:40
Jakarta EE 9 and Beyond Ivar Grimstad D.openjdk Saturday 14:40 15:20 slides
Contributors Guide to the Jakarta EE 10 Galaxy Reza Rahman D.openjdk Saturday 15:20 16:00
How Class Data Sharing Can Speed up Your Application Startup Rudy De Busscher D.openjdk Saturday 16:00 16:40
Alpine Musl Containers: Now Upstream Dmitry Chuyko D.openjdk Saturday 16:40 17:20
Cross-Platform User Interface Development in Java with OpenJFX Johan Vos D.openjdk Sunday 10:00 10:40
The Future of Java on Raspberry Pi: Java, JavaFX, Raspberry Pi and Electronics Frank Delporte D.openjdk Sunday 10:40 11:20
Practical Introduction to FXGL Game Engine Almas Baimagambetov D.openjdk Sunday 11:20 12:00
Creating a JavaFX World Clock App from Scratch Carl Dea D.openjdk Sunday 12:00 12:40
Real World JFR: Experiences Using JFR Outside the Ivory Tower Marcus Hirt D.openjdk Sunday 12:40 13:20
A Hitchhiker's Tour to Containerizing a Java application Nicolas Frankel D.openjdk Sunday 13:20 14:00
5 Tips to Create Secure Docker Containers for Java Developers Brian Vermeer D.openjdk Sunday 14:00 14:40
Containerizing Spring Boot Applications with Jib Ashish Choudhary D.openjdk Sunday 14:40 15:20
Dynamic Proxies in Java Heinz Kabutz D.openjdk Sunday 15:20 16:00
JCStress: Eliminating the Nightmare of Debugging Concurrency Problems Vipin Sharma D.openjdk Sunday 16:00 16:40
JUnit Jupiter Extensions: Writing End to End Tests Karl Heinz Marbaise D.openjdk Sunday 16:40 17:20

Geospatial devroom (10)

Introduction to OSGeo Angelos Tzotsos D.geospatial Sunday 10:00 10:20
OSGeoLive your geospatial toolkit
Get to know OSGeoLive and discover a whole world of geospatial tools and data
Astrid Emde D.geospatial Sunday 10:30 10:55
MoveTK: the movement toolkit
A library for understanding movement
Aniket Mitra D.geospatial Sunday 11:00 11:40
Iaso: Geo-aware Data Collection, Curation and Analysis.
A new web+Android platform geared toward enhancing geographical data by benefitting from the routine health data collection activity.
madewulf D.geospatial Sunday 11:45 12:30 other other other
Telegram Bot For Navigation
A perfect map app for a neighbourhood doesn't need a map
Ilya Zverev D.geospatial Sunday 12:35 13:00
OpenStreetMap in Africa
The Rise of participatory mapping in Africa
Enock Seth Nyamador D.geospatial Sunday 13:05 13:45
two-flavoured Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis
an exercise on Bolivia elections 2019 / 2020 with Python and R
cesar ariel perez mercado D.geospatial Sunday 13:50 14:35
r.accumulate: Efficient computation of hydrologic parameters in GRASS
Improving the performance of geospatial computation for web-based hydrologic modeling
Huidae Cho D.geospatial Sunday 14:40 15:20
Spatial data exploration in Jupyter notebooks
The power of interactive vizualizations with GeoPandas and HoloViews
Anita Graser D.geospatial Sunday 15:30 16:00
Building a global community of young changemakers using open maps
Laura Mugeha D.geospatial Sunday 16:05 16:50

Go devroom (0)

Graph Systems and Algorithms devroom (0)

Hardware-Aided Trusted Computing devroom (16)

Welcome, overview, lineup
Jo Van Bulck D.hardware.trusted Saturday 10:00 10:05
Rust, WebAssembly and open source
Enarx design choices
Mike Bursell D.hardware.trusted Saturday 10:05 10:30
Veracruz: privacy-preserving collaborative compute Dominic Mulligan D.hardware.trusted Saturday 10:30 10:55
Graphene Library OS
Running unmodified applications in SGX enclaves
Dmitrii Kuvaiskii D.hardware.trusted Saturday 10:55 11:20
Secure Multi-Party Applications in Open Enclave Christoph M. Wintersteiger D.hardware.trusted Saturday 11:20 11:45
Lightning fast enclave network services with async I/O Jethro G. Beekman D.hardware.trusted Saturday 11:45 12:10
An Open-Source Framework for Developing Heterogeneous Distributed Enclave Applications Gianluca Scopelliti, sepideh pouyanrad D.hardware.trusted Saturday 12:10 12:35
Hardwared Based CPU Undervolting on The Cheap
Stealing Your Secrets for $30
ZITAI CHEN D.hardware.trusted Saturday 13:30 13:55
Exploiting Interfaces of SEV-ES-protected Virtual Machines Martin Radev D.hardware.trusted Saturday 13:55 14:20
Overview of Secure Boot state in the ARM-based SoCs Maciej Pijanowski D.hardware.trusted Saturday 14:20 14:45
Penglai Enclave: Secure and Scalable RISC-V TEE system Dong Du D.hardware.trusted Saturday 15:00 15:25
Keystone: towards an open standard of trusted execution environments Dayeol Lee D.hardware.trusted Saturday 15:25 15:50
TEEP (Trusted Execution Environment Provisioning) Implementation on RISC-V
Introduction of TEEP and implementation on RISC-V
Akira Tsukamoto D.hardware.trusted Saturday 15:50 16:15
Trusted RV: 64bit RISC-V TEE with Secure CoProcessor as Root of Trust Kuniyasu Suzaki D.hardware.trusted Saturday 16:15 16:40
A memory safe POSIX OS
Brooks Davis D.hardware.trusted Saturday 16:50 17:15
Hardware-Aided Trusted Computing in High-Level Synthesis (HLS) for FPGAs
HLS Compiler and Language support for emerging Trusted Hardware Extensions
Babar Khan D.hardware.trusted Saturday 17:40 18:00

HPC, Big Data and Data Science devroom (19)

Accelerating HPC applications with Out-of-Order Commit Processors Ali Hajiabadi D.hpc Saturday 10:00 10:30
HPC Container Engine State-of-Art
Base-line our understanding of what the execution of HPC containers looks like in 2021.
Christian Kniep D.hpc Saturday 10:30 11:00
Faster Spark SQL: Adaptive Query Execution in Spark v3 Nicolas Poggi D.hpc Saturday 11:00 11:30
DiscoPoP: A tool to identify parallelization opportunities in sequential programs and suggest OpenMP constructs and clauses Mohammad Norouzi D.hpc Saturday 11:30 12:00 paper paper paper
Lessons in Programming Model Comparisons Using OpenMP and CUDA for Targetting GPUs Alaina Edwards D.hpc Saturday 15:00 15:30
EESSI: One Scientific Software Stack to Rule Them All Bob Dröge D.hpc Saturday 15:30 16:00
XALT: Lessons from attaching to almost every program in Linux Robert McLay D.hpc Saturday 16:00 16:30
Hitchhiker's guide from traditional HPC Cluster to containerized ensemble run at scale
How to lift GROMACS into a cloudy SLURM cluster and evolve to run GROMACS globally using containers.
Carsten Kutzner D.hpc Saturday 16:30 17:00
Guix Workflow Language
Extending a reproducible software deployment system for HPC
Ricardo Wurmus D.hpc Saturday 17:00 17:30
Deploying Containerized Applications on Secure Large Scale HPC Production Systems. David Brayford D.hpc Sunday 10:00 10:30
Scalable, Automated ML Model Monitoring with KFServing and Hopsworks Javier de la Rúa Martínez D.hpc Sunday 10:30 11:00
Make life easier for big data users on Arm platform Zhenyu Zheng D.hpc Sunday 11:00 11:30
Getting ready for the AMD GPUs
Introduction to AMD ecosystem
Georgios Markomanolis D.hpc Sunday 11:30 12:00
GPU computing using Vulkan & Kompute for Cross-vendor Graphic Cards (AMD, Qualcomm, NVIDIA & friends) Alejandro Saucedo D.hpc Sunday 12:00 12:30
An Environment for Interactive Parallel Programming with MPI and OpenMP Christian Terboven, Jonas Hahnfeld D.hpc Sunday 15:00 15:30
Analyzing Performance Profiles using Hatchet Abhinav Bhatele D.hpc Sunday 15:30 16:00 slides
buildtest: HPC Testing Framework for Acceptance Testing Shahzeb Siddiqui D.hpc Sunday 16:00 16:30
Open Source HPC Research Tools at the Institute for Scientific Computing Jan-Patrick Lehr, Tim Jammer, Michael Burger, Alexander Hück D.hpc Sunday 16:30 17:00 paper
Flux: Solving Exascale Workflow and Resource Challenges
Plus - How Open-Source Drives Our Project Design
Stephen Herbein D.hpc Sunday 17:00 17:30

Infra Management devroom (0)

JavaScript devroom (11)

Angular Test First Development Florian PASTEUR D.javascript Saturday 10:00 10:45
Eleventy is a simpler static site generator.
Bring joy back to writing websites
André Jaenisch D.javascript Saturday 11:00 11:30
Accessible code editing with CodeMirror 6 Marijn Haverbeke D.javascript Saturday 11:30 12:00
This DoS goes loop-di-loop
Preventing DoS attacks in you Node.js application
Allon Mureinik D.javascript Saturday 12:00 12:30
Communicating Across Browsing Contexts
The talk covers different ways on how to communicate across browsing contexts/tab and explains the use-case for each of them.
Akshat Garg D.javascript Saturday 12:30 13:00
Bangle.js: Making a smart watch
Reverse-engineering off the shelf hardware, and adding JavaScript
Gordon Williams D.javascript Saturday 13:00 14:00
Reinforcement Learning with JavaScript
Bringing Machine Learning into the browser using TensorFlow.js
Eliran Natan D.javascript Saturday 14:00 15:00
BabiaXR: Virtual Reality Data Visualizations using only Front-End David Moreno D.javascript Saturday 15:00 15:30
Graphql - Apollo Client Issues and solving for state management
The event mainly talks the different issues faced with using Apollo Client and how to solve for that using React hooks.
Akshat Garg D.javascript Saturday 15:30 16:00
HTML5 validation with HTML-validate
Why validation matters and how HTML-validate can be used
David Sveningsson D.javascript Saturday 16:00 17:00
Designing with sensor data
The next level of responsive web design?
André Jaenisch D.javascript Saturday 17:00 17:30

Kotlin devroom (15)

Kotlin DevRoom Welcoming Remarks Nicola Corti, Martin Bonnin D.kotlin Sunday 10:00 10:10
Kotlin Roadmap: Upcoming Features Svetlana Isakova D.kotlin Sunday 10:10 10:40
The future of dependency management, seen from 2021 LouisCAD D.kotlin Sunday 10:40 11:10
Live coding server as a function with http4k dkandalov D.kotlin Sunday 11:10 11:40
Come to the backend side we have Kotlin!
Ktor for backend development
Julien Salvi D.kotlin Sunday 11:40 12:10
Step it up: Compose for Desktop Nishant Srivastava D.kotlin Sunday 12:10 12:40
Goodbye Kotlin Extensions, Welcome View Binding Monika Kumar Jethani D.kotlin Sunday 12:40 13:10
How to write your own MVI library and why you shouldn't Mikolaj Leszczynski, Matthew Dolan D.kotlin Sunday 13:10 13:40
And that, folks, is how we shared code between Android, iOS and the Backend Marco Gomiero D.kotlin Sunday 13:40 14:10
Lessons I’ve learned in Multiplatform Library Development Russell Wolf D.kotlin Sunday 14:10 14:40
Migrating from Imperative to Reactive then Coroutines a Spring Boot application Nicolas Frankel D.kotlin Sunday 14:40 15:25
This Spring Shall Be Challenged
It doesn't need to be Spring, or does it?
Holger Steinhauer D.kotlin Sunday 15:25 16:10 slides slides
Start with the Kotlin flow Abhishesh Srivastava D.kotlin Sunday 16:10 16:40
Getting ready for Declarative UIs with Unidirectional Data Flow using Kotlin Coroutines
Unidirectional Data Flow in action: suspend functions, Flow & StateFlow to make our Reactive apps prepared for Declarative UIs.
Raul Hernandez Lopez D.kotlin Sunday 16:40 17:25
Realtime 3D graphics and VR with Kotlin and Vulkan
Let's enjoy the scenery
Ulrik Guenther, Kyle Harrington D.kotlin Sunday 17:25 17:55

Legal and Policy Issues devroom (0)

LibreOffice devroom (15)

LibreOffice Technology
From a desktop product to a platform for personal productivity
Italo Vignoli D.libreoffice Sunday 10:00 10:30 slides
Lowering the Barrier for New Developers
Developing in the cloud via GitPod
Muhammet Kara D.libreoffice Sunday 10:30 11:00
Using IDEs for LibreOffice development Christian Lohmaier D.libreoffice Sunday 11:00 11:30
The Perfect Gerrit Patch
A consumer report
Stephan Bergmann D.libreoffice Sunday 11:30 12:00
LibreOffice WASM - the How and Why
A report from the journey to get LibreOffice into the browser, fully
Thorsten Behrens, Jan-Marek Glogowski D.libreoffice Sunday 12:00 12:30
Editable nested fields in Writer Michael Stahl D.libreoffice Sunday 12:30 13:00 slides
How Collabora Online development improves LibreOffice Jan Holesovsky D.libreoffice Sunday 13:00 13:30
Build-in "xray" like UNO object inspector Tomaž Vajngerl D.libreoffice Sunday 13:30 14:00
Handling PDF digital signatures in LibreOffice with PDFium Miklos Vajna D.libreoffice Sunday 14:00 14:30
Making Nextcloud Hub COOL
Hear how we implemented out of the box collaboration.
Michael Meeks D.libreoffice Sunday 14:30 15:00 slides slides
Porting LibreOffice to macOS on Apple Silicon
Easy bits were easy, hard bits were not so hard
Tor Lillqvist D.libreoffice Sunday 15:00 15:30
Using LibreOffice with MariaDB [and Docker] Anel Husakovic D.libreoffice Sunday 15:30 16:00
LibreOffice QA Xisco Fauli D.libreoffice Sunday 16:00 16:30
ODF for Interoperability
Tips and Tricks to Tackle the Most Common Issues
Italo Vignoli D.libreoffice Sunday 16:30 17:00 slides
LibreOffice Lightning Talks
Interesting Talks from Community Members
Thorsten Behrens D.libreoffice Sunday 17:00 18:00

MariaDB devroom (20)

Welcome to the MariaDB devroom Ian Gilfillan D.mariadb Saturday 10:00 10:05
MariaDB 10.6 and beyond max D.mariadb Saturday 10:05 10:30
Upgrading to a newer major version of MariaDB
What mysql_upgrade really does and what problems remain
Valerii Kravchuk D.mariadb Saturday 10:30 10:55 slides
Migrating from other databases to MariaDB Michael "Monty" Widenius D.mariadb Saturday 10:55 11:20
Migration from Oracle to MariaDB with no application change pickup li D.mariadb Saturday 11:20 11:45
Migrating MariaDB Cluster to ARM Krunal Bauskar D.mariadb Saturday 11:45 12:10
Mariabackup - too rarely used Oli Sennhauser D.mariadb Saturday 12:10 12:35
Databases beyond the tutorials
Database usage for the real world for flexibility and scale
Eric Herman D.mariadb Saturday 12:35 13:00
Atomic DDL in MariaDB Michael "Monty" Widenius D.mariadb Saturday 13:00 13:25
Cool New Features in MariaDB Server 10.2 - 10.5 Ralf Gebhardt D.mariadb Saturday 13:25 13:50
MariaDB Roles
Overview and Migration
Vicentiu Ciorbaru D.mariadb Saturday 13:50 14:15
Set operations UNION, INTERSECT, and EXCEPT in MariaDB
How to use and combine them.
Oleksandr Byelkin D.mariadb Saturday 14:15 14:40
JSON Support: news, non-news, and the bigger picture Sergei Petrunia D.mariadb Saturday 14:40 15:05
MySQL Performance for DevOps Sveta Smirnova D.mariadb Saturday 15:05 15:30 slides
Creating Vagrant development machines for MariaDB
HowTo and Best Practices
Federico Razzoli D.mariadb Saturday 15:30 15:55 slides
How to shard MariaDB like a Pro? Alkin Tezuysal D.mariadb Saturday 15:55 16:20
MariaDB Observability Peter Zaitsev D.mariadb Saturday 16:20 16:45
The MariaDB Jupyter Kernel Robert Bindar D.mariadb Saturday 16:45 17:10
MariaDB post-release quality assurance in Debian and Ubuntu
What Linux distros can do about software quality
Otto Kekäläinen D.mariadb Saturday 17:10 17:35
Buffer pool performance improvements
How the LRU replacement and log checkpoints were made faster in MariaDB 10.5
Marko Mäkelä D.mariadb Saturday 17:35 18:00 slides

Microkernel devroom (8)

Welcome and Introduction Martin Děcký D.microkernel Saturday 10:00 10:10
The seL4 Report
What happened in seL4 land in the past 12 months
Gernot Heiser D.microkernel Saturday 10:10 11:10
The seL4 Foundation
what it is and why you should get involved
June Andronick D.microkernel Saturday 11:10 11:55
The definitive API for the Internet of Threads
Renzo Davoli, Mikey Goldweber D.microkernel Saturday 11:55 13:05 slides
Pluggable device drivers for Genode Norman Feske D.microkernel Saturday 13:05 13:45 slides
Hardware acceleration for unikernels Anastassios Nanos D.microkernel Saturday 13:45 14:25
Is the Time Ripe for Unikernels to Become Mainstream with Unikraft?
Building extremely Fast, Specialized Unikernels the Easy Way
Simon Kuenzer D.microkernel Saturday 14:25 15:05
State of Microkernels in 2021
Panel Discussion
Martin Děcký D.microkernel Saturday 15:05 16:05

Monitoring and Observability devroom (0)

Mozilla devroom (0)

MySQL devroom (16)

25 years of MySQL - A Retrospective Dave Stokes D.mysql Sunday 10:00 10:25
Open Source Database Infrastructure with Vitess Shlomi Noach D.mysql Sunday 10:30 10:55
From single MySQL instance to HA
The journey to InnoDB Cluster
Frédéric Descamps D.mysql Sunday 11:00 11:25
Group Replication: Best Practices for Network Deploy Aníbal Pinto D.mysql Sunday 11:30 11:55
Review of the Percona Operator from a DBA prospective Marco Tusa (the Grinch) D.mysql Sunday 12:00 12:25
MySQL Router REST API Frédéric Descamps D.mysql Sunday 12:30 12:55
Better User Management under MySQL 8.0 Dave Stokes D.mysql Sunday 13:00 13:25
Running MySQL on ARM Krunal Bauskar D.mysql Sunday 13:30 13:55
Making MySQL-8.0 XA transaction processing crash safe
The key to use MySQL as storage nodes for distributed databases
Wei Zhao D.mysql Sunday 14:00 14:25
Passing query attributes through the MySQL protocol
Extension to the wire format to allow data/metadata
Joro Kodinov D.mysql Sunday 14:30 14:55 slides slides
Linux /proc filesystem for MySQL DBAs
Sampling /proc content for troubleshooting
Valerii Kravchuk D.mysql Sunday 15:00 15:25 slides
Rewrite Your Complex MySQL Queries for Better Performance Øystein Grøvlen D.mysql Sunday 15:30 15:55
Automatic Asynchronous Replication Connection Failover hemant dangi D.mysql Sunday 16:00 16:25
Sure you can run your database in kubernetes
Successfully run your MySQL NDB Custer in kubernetes
Bernd Ocklin D.mysql Sunday 16:30 16:55
18 Things To Do When You Have a MySQL Bottleneck Peter Zaitsev D.mysql Sunday 17:00 17:25
Hitchhiker's Guide to MySQL
Don't panic.
Liz van Dijk D.mysql Sunday 17:30 17:55

Network monitoring, discovery and inventory devroom (13)

Let's find NeMo together
welcome, overview, lineup
Stephan Schmidt Saturday 10:00 10:05
What's new with OpenNMS
Technology and roadmap update
Jeff Gehlbach Saturday 10:05 10:50
The Network Equipment Simulator
Philip Konrath, Janis Groß Saturday 10:50 11:35
Introducing Thola
A tool for monitoring and provisioning network devices written in Go.
Niklas Schon, Tobias Berdin, Mika Meyer Saturday 11:35 12:20
Talking about Icinga and Icinga development
Chatting about the current state and how to contribute to Icigna
Feu Mourek, Julian Brost Saturday 12:20 13:05
Network Monitoring with InfluxDB 2 and Telegraf David McKay Saturday 13:05 13:50
Monitoring Large Networks with Naemon, Thruk, Mod-Gearman and LMD
challenges in distributed monitoring at global scale.
Sven Nierlein Saturday 13:50 14:35
Large-scale Network Monitoring: 3 Rules to Rule Them All Alex Wilms, Martin Hirschvogel Saturday 14:35 15:35
What do we want to monitor? All the databases! Agustín Gallego Saturday 15:35 16:20
Using nDPI for Monitoring and Security
nDPI in practice
Luca Deri Saturday 16:20 16:55
ntopng network monitoring and discovery
Network discovery with ntopng
Matteo Biscosi Saturday 16:55 17:15
Time Series Service Thomas Suffel Saturday 17:15 17:20
RobotMK: Extend Checkmk with Robot Framework E2E tests
Why infrastructure monitoring is not enough
Simon Meggle Saturday 17:20 18:00

Open Research Tools and Technologies devroom (25)

OpenStreetMap Features as Proxy to Socio-Economic Indicators: A Network Theory Approach Albert Yumol D.research Saturday 10:00 10:25
Combining crowdsourcing and expertise in Digital Humanities Olivier Aubert D.research Saturday 10:25 10:50 slides
Making Tools for Social Media Research: Principles and (Future) Challenges stijn peeters, Erik Borra, Bernhard Rieder D.research Saturday 10:50 11:15
From Navicrawler to HyBro: a brief history of webcrawlers for social sciences Benjamin Ooghe-Tabanou D.research Saturday 11:15 11:25
Gazouilloire: a command line tool for long-term tweets collection Béatrice Mazoyer D.research Saturday 11:25 11:35
PANDORÆ Guillaume Levrier D.research Saturday 11:35 11:45
Web mining panel Guillaume Levrier, Béatrice Mazoyer, Benjamin Ooghe-Tabanou D.research Saturday 11:45 11:55
FLOSS meets Social Science Research (and lived to tell the tale) Maya Anderson-González D.research Saturday 11:55 12:20
Collaborating to describe datasets using Frictionless Data schemas: schema-collaboration Carles Pina Estany D.research Saturday 12:20 12:45 slides
Emacs and org-mode for reproducible research
Organize your research in plain text!
Thibault Lestang D.research Saturday 12:45 13:10 slides
eLabFTW - the open source lab notebook Nicolas CARPi D.research Saturday 13:10 13:25 slides paper video audio other
Using ElabFTW for materials science Niels Cautaerts D.research Saturday 13:25 13:35
ELab panel Nicolas CARPi, Niels Cautaerts D.research Saturday 13:35 13:45
ReplicationWiki - Transparency in the Social Sciences
Informing about Data & Code Availability and Published Replications
Jan H. Höffler D.research Saturday 13:45 14:10
Open research in life science: funding foundational tools, trust, and talent Yo Yehudi D.research Saturday 14:10 14:35
Free/Open source Research Software production at the Gaspard-Monge Computer Science laboratory
Lessons learnt
Teresa Gomez-Diaz D.research Saturday 14:35 15:00
Archiving, referencing and citing research software in Software Heritage Roberto Di Cosmo D.research Saturday 15:00 15:25
Open source isn't enough. Working towards sustainable solutions with PubPub. Travis Rich D.research Saturday 15:25 15:50
Research on the french law-making process
What happens when you try to put the law into git
Damien Marié D.research Saturday 15:50 16:15
An open visualization framework for open outputs
Giorgio Uboldi D.research Saturday 16:15 16:40
An open source multi-tool for exploring and publishing data
Simon Willison D.research Saturday 16:40 17:05
Filecoin & IPFS: A new Home for Research Data Molly Mackinlay D.research Saturday 17:05 17:30
Metrics in Context: A Data Specification For Scholarly Metrics Asura Enkhbayar D.research Saturday 17:30 17:40
Reverse-engineering as a crossroads for investigation, science and open tools and technologies
We are experimentally trying to revisit the practice of reverse-engineering to explore these possible and effective contributions in the case of investigation (journalism, activism, science, art).
Xavier Coadic D.research Saturday 17:40 17:50
Black box panel Asura Enkhbayar, Xavier Coadic D.research Saturday 17:50 18:00

Open Source Computer Aided Modeling and Design devroom (15)

CADCloud building an interactive online version control system for FreeCAD Jean-Marie Verdun D.cad Sunday 10:00 10:25
The 'sparselizard' multiphysics c++ fem library Alexandre Halbach D.cad Sunday 10:25 10:50
The growth of free software in Building Information Modeling for architects, engineers, and construction
A summary of free software developments related to OpenBIM, OSArch, IfcOpenShell, the BlenderBIM Add-on, FreeCAD, and more
Dion Moult D.cad Sunday 10:50 11:25
Real-time Netlisting in KiCad
Motivation, Implementation, and Benefits
Jon Evans D.cad Sunday 11:25 11:50
Open CASCADE Technology status update Alexander Malyshev D.cad Sunday 11:50 12:15
ngspice - status update and Monte Carlo simulation Holger Vogt D.cad Sunday 12:15 12:35
Low cost open-source hardware for biopotential amplification for neuroscience, prosthetics and more
Open-source hadware design for neuroscience.
Deepak Khatri D.cad Sunday 12:35 13:05
KiCad Project Status D.cad Sunday 13:05 13:50
Importing into KiCad from CADSTAR
...and how you can develop your own importer
Roberto Fernandez Bautista D.cad Sunday 13:50 14:15
A (very) quick overview of libre mechanical software Fernando Oleo Blanco D.cad Sunday 14:15 14:40 audio video
Reverse-engineering of (binary) file-formats
From seemingly arbitrary zeros and ones to a PCB file.
Thomas Pointhuber D.cad Sunday 14:40 15:15
Glasgow Digital Interface Explorer
An overview, and a couple of technical deep dives
Attie Grande, esden D.cad Sunday 15:15 16:00
FreeCAD on steroids. A posible future. Featuring Zheng, Lei aka RealThunder.
Outcome of briliant developers meeting user feedback.
Florin Curelariu D.cad Sunday 16:00 16:50
CadQuery Assembly System Adam Urbanczyk D.cad Sunday 16:50 17:15 other
Alliance / Coriolis2
parametric programmatic ASIC Place and Route using python
Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton D.cad Sunday 17:15 17:55

Open Source Design devroom (18)

A brief introduction to Open Source Design Saturday 13:00 13:20
Communicating CryptPad David Benque Saturday 13:30 13:50
Design Bitcoin for Everyone
How we practice and spread open design to make Bitcoin more intuitive and accessible
Christoph Ono Saturday 14:00 14:20
Redesign of an established Open Source CMS
Drupal Admin UI: Past, Present and possible Future
Sascha Eggenberger Saturday 14:30 14:50
Why are we scared of user research? Belen Barros Pena Saturday 15:00 15:20
Improving the usability of pip, the Python package manager Saturday 15:30 15:50
Gain a Superpower in OSS as a Designer Through Code Kartik Choudhary Saturday 16:00 16:20
Open design and how everyone can be a designer
Changing the way we design together
Memo Esparza Saturday 16:30 16:50
Mentoring designers in open Source Software.
What I've learned mentoring and supporting designers in OSS.
Eriol Fox Saturday 17:10 17:30
Ways to Contribute to OS Projects Without Writing Line(s) of Code Sixtus Chizaram Isaac Sunday 13:00 13:20 slides
Community-accessible EEG monitoring of the user's mental state in the UX/UI research Dmitriy Kostiuk Sunday 13:30 13:50
Latest tech, great! Accessibility, not so much. Oana Mangiurea Sunday 14:00 14:20 slides
OSH Communication Kit
Conversation starters for the Deaf and the Hearing
Daniel Wessolek Sunday 14:30 14:50
Own Your Healthcare Experience: An Open Source Path Juhan Sonin Sunday 15:00 15:25
Penpot, design freedom for teams
One FOSDEM and one pandemic after we're excited to announce that Penpot Alpha release will be launched January 28th!
Pablo Ruiz-Múzquiz Sunday 15:30 15:50
The Open Source Designer's ToolBox
Recommended Tools and Techniques for Open Source Designers
Abigail Makolo Sunday 16:00 16:20
The user in the cultures of UX design and open source Jan Dittrich Sunday 16:30 16:50
Pitch your project Sunday 17:00 17:20

Open Source Firmware, BMC and Bootloader devroom (11)

Open Source Firmware status on AMD platforms 2021 Piotr Król, sakoram D.firmware Saturday 13:30 13:55
OpenBMC introduction and porting guide sarpalan, Jakub Łęcki D.firmware Saturday 14:00 14:25
Building an interactive Continuous Integration platform for Open Source Firmware Jean-Marie Verdun, sakoram D.firmware Saturday 14:30 14:55
How to build up an ecosystem for open-source firmware testing Christian Walter, Jakub Łęcki D.firmware Saturday 15:00 15:45
UEFI on RISC-V Daniel Schaefer, sakoram D.firmware Saturday 16:00 16:45
Improving the Secure Boot landscape: sbctl & go-uefi Morten Linderud, Jakub Łęcki D.firmware Saturday 17:00 17:25
Secure Upgrades with DRTM dpsmith, sakoram D.firmware Saturday 17:30 17:55
Secure boot without UEFI: booting VMs on Power(PC) Daniel Axtens, Cezary Sobczak D.firmware Sunday 14:00 14:45
GRUB - Project Status Update Daniel Kiper, Norbert Kamiński D.firmware Sunday 15:00 15:45
Open source PMCI stack implementation for add-in-card manageability. sumanthbhatt, Cezary Sobczak D.firmware Sunday 16:00 16:45
Using OpenSPDM in Firmware as a Foundation for Secure Device Communication Jiewen Yao, Norbert Kamiński D.firmware Sunday 17:00 17:45

OpenChain devroom (5)

OpenChain upfront: OpenHarmony was born this way
Legal compliance and Openchain conformance for a new operating system. Challenges and lessons
Carlo Piana D.openchain Saturday 13:15 14:00
Capabilities for Open Source Compliance
Understanding the OpenChain Capability Model
Jan Thielscher D.openchain Saturday 14:05 14:50
Open Compliance Reference Tooling
Leveraging Open Source Tools for Open Source Management
Marcel Kurzmann D.openchain Saturday 14:55 15:40
Best practices for declaring copyright and licenses
Max Mehl D.openchain Saturday 15:45 16:30
Automating OpenChain with an open source CI pipeline
From code selection through container images to distribution
James Curtis D.openchain Saturday 16:35 17:20

OpenPOWER devroom (0)

Perl and Raku Programming devroom (12)

Welcome to the Perl & Raku devroom
Introduction, lineup, CoC, AoB
Juan Julián Merelo, Stuart J Mackintosh D.perl Saturday 10:00 10:15
Raku - Sets without Borders
Using set operators without limitations
Elizabeth Mattijsen D.perl Saturday 10:15 11:15
Cor - The Future of OO In Perl Curtis Poe D.perl Saturday 11:15 12:05
Perl, Raku and TPF Branding: Next Steps Nigel Hamilton D.perl Saturday 12:05 12:25
Raku: The Dynamic Language You Didn’t Know You Needed Curtis Poe D.perl Saturday 12:25 13:15
The one where a Perl+Raku programmer went to the Bar ... ... Nigel Hamilton D.perl Saturday 13:15 13:35
Perl in 2025
What kind of Perl I expect to be writing in five years time
Paul Evans D.perl Saturday 13:35 14:15
What support do Perl beginners need?
The results of a survey run by The Perl Foundation to determine how best to provide support to people finding their feet with Perl
andrew solomon D.perl Saturday 14:15 14:30
Hypers and Gathers and Takes! Oh my!
Processing large datasets in Raku.
Steven Lembark D.perl Saturday 14:30 15:20
Programming Digital Audio Server (DAS) backend with Raku
JUCE+Raku as the backend for Linux driven web audio services
Konstantin Nakhov D.perl Saturday 15:20 16:10
The Pearls of Raku
Cool Raku features for compact code
Andrew Shitov D.perl Saturday 16:10 17:00
Surprisingly Unsurprising
The joy of unexpected simplicity
Matthew Stuckwisch D.perl Saturday 17:00 18:00

PostgreSQL devroom (24)

PostgreSQL Waffles Lætitia Avrot D.postgresql Saturday 10:00 11:00
Foreign data wrapper study for schemaless databases Hiroki Kumagai D.postgresql Saturday 11:00 11:30
Database schema management for lazybones: from chaos to heaven Julien Riou D.postgresql Saturday 11:30 12:30 slides
Caveats of replication
in PostgreSQL HA clusters and CDC systems
Andrey Borodin, Evgeny Dyukov D.postgresql Saturday 12:30 13:30 audio
The Story About The Migration
The story about a challenging PoC that proved that Postgres can achieve the same performance as Oracle Exadata
Alicja Kucharczyk, Sushant Pandey D.postgresql Saturday 13:30 14:00
A PostgreSQL development environment Peter Eisentraut D.postgresql Saturday 14:00 15:00
Adaptive Query Optimization in PostgreSQL: approaches and challenges Oleg Ivanov, Yerzhaisang Taskali D.postgresql Saturday 15:00 15:30
Performance improvements and new use scenarios for SPGiST access method Pavel Borisov D.postgresql Saturday 15:30 16:00
Postgres and the Artificial Intelligence Landscape Bruce Momjian D.postgresql Saturday 16:00 17:00
Database Performance at Nikolay Samokhvalov, Jose Finotto D.postgresql Saturday 17:00 18:00 slides
Some SQL Tricks of an Application DBA
Non-trivial tips for database development
Haki Benita D.postgresql Sunday 10:00 10:30
Speed up the JSONB.
What we can do to improve performance.
Oleg Bartunov, Nikita Glukhov D.postgresql Sunday 10:30 11:00
I use ENUM - Vindicating the Underdog of Data Types Boriss Mejias D.postgresql Sunday 11:00 11:30
Getting on a hook or PostgreSQL extensibility Alexey Kondratov D.postgresql Sunday 11:30 12:00 slides
Postgres Architectures in Production Dimitri Fontaine D.postgresql Sunday 12:00 12:30 slides
PostgreSQL logical decoding Amit Khandekar D.postgresql Sunday 12:30 13:00
PostgreSQL and The SQL Standard Simon Riggs D.postgresql Sunday 13:00 13:30
Improve your indexes Tomasz Gintowt D.postgresql Sunday 13:30 14:00
PostgreSQL partitioning. Work In Progress. Anastasia Lubennikova D.postgresql Sunday 14:00 14:30 slides
Changing your huge table's data types in production Jimmy Angelakos D.postgresql Sunday 14:30 15:00
Stumbling Stones when migrating from Oracle
The problems you can encounter and how to solve them
Laurenz Albe D.postgresql Sunday 15:00 15:30 slides
Pg_stat_monitor - The new way to analyze query performance in PostgreSQL Ibrar Ahmed, Peter Zaitsev D.postgresql Sunday 15:30 16:30
Database Disasters and How to Find Them Christophe Pettus D.postgresql Sunday 16:30 17:30
The story of the first PGDay
How we started with the idea of having a barbecue and we ended in organising the first PostgreSQL conference in Europe
Federico Campoli D.postgresql Sunday 17:30 18:00 slides

Python devroom (16)

Different Approches in Pedagogy in Teaching Data Science with Python Albert Yumol, Xithrius D.python Sunday 10:00 10:30
Improving pip for all users
How we improved pip in 2020
Bernard Tyers, Xithrius D.python Sunday 10:30 11:00
Prartical advice for using Mypy
Hidden gems in the typing system!
Haki Benita, Xithrius D.python Sunday 11:00 11:30
CubicWeb as a Linked Open Data server Fabien Amarger, Xithrius D.python Sunday 11:30 12:00
Don't be Afraid of Async
Automate Mundane Tasks with a bot by using
Cheuk Ho, Xithrius D.python Sunday 12:00 12:30
AlekSIS Benedict Suska, Xithrius D.python Sunday 12:30 13:00
Bringing Pinax Back to Life Katherine Michel, Xithrius D.python Sunday 13:00 13:30
Is Rainfall Getting Heavier? Building a Weather Forecasting Pipeline with Singapore Weather Station Data
Using data-driven approaches for weather forecasting in the tropics
Chin Hwee Ong, Xithrius D.python Sunday 13:30 14:00
How Python inserts 'self' into methods
An accessible introduction to descriptors
Sebastiaan Zeeff, Akarys, Xithrius D.python Sunday 14:00 14:30
Beyond CUDA: GPU Accelerated Python on Cross-Vendor Graphics Cards with Vulkan & Kompute Alejandro Saucedo, Akarys D.python Sunday 14:30 15:00
Code reloading techniques in Python
Cold and hot code reloading, the different options, how they work and when to use them.
Hugo Herter, Akarys D.python Sunday 15:00 15:30
From Jupyter Notebook to production code
a Kedro introduction
Lais Carvalho, Akarys D.python Sunday 15:30 16:00
Inventing Curriculum using Python and spaCy Gajendra Deshpande, Akarys D.python Sunday 16:00 16:30
Creating Data Apps using Pure Python
Building Custom Apps using Streamlit
Nithish Raghunandanan, Akarys D.python Sunday 16:30 17:00
How to get started with GitLab CI and Python
A GitLab CI Introduction
Mario García D.python Sunday 17:00 17:30
Escaping the Cargo Cult
How to structure your project without losing your mind.
Jason McDonald D.python Sunday 17:30 18:00

Real Time Communications devroom (18)

Products versus Protocols
Or why I no longer recommend XMPP and Matrix
Matthew Wild D.rtc Saturday 10:00 10:25
Adding Matrix for interoperability to existing chat apps
How we added Gitter to Matrix, and how you can join too.
Will Hunt D.rtc Saturday 10:25 10:50
Can WebRTC help musicians?
Going beyond traditional and boring use cases to support the arts
Lorenzo Miniero D.rtc Saturday 10:50 11:15
Decentralizing HEP for RTC Platforms
Decentralized HEP/WSS/p2p
Lorenzo Mangani D.rtc Saturday 11:15 11:40
Developing WebRTC in Chrome
How to ship a feature
Philipp Hancke D.rtc Saturday 11:40 12:05
Eating your own dogfood; WebRTC for Broadcasters Dan Jenkins D.rtc Saturday 12:05 12:30
High performance Rating Queues using CGRateS Teofil Voivozeanu D.rtc Saturday 12:30 12:55
The road to End-to-End Encryption in Jitsi Meet
How we shipped E2EE in Jitsi Meet, how other apps can implement it and our plans for the future!
Saúl Ibarra Corretgé D.rtc Saturday 12:55 13:20
Towards free, private and secure communications
Action we can take today
Daniel Pocock D.rtc Saturday 13:20 13:45
WebRTC shouldn't be this hard!
How can we make WebRTC easier for the next generation? What happens if we don't teach it.
Sean-Der D.rtc Saturday 13:45 14:10
Why WebRTC is the way it is.
A personal history
Tim Panton D.rtc Saturday 14:10 14:35
Abstract the SIP Handling Using the Call API Liviu Chircu D.rtc Saturday 14:35 15:00
FreeSWITCH mid-registering for Fun, Profit, Scale and Push
How to scale FreeSWITCH Registration Traffic and add Push Notifications
Giovanni Maruzzelli (gmaruzz) D.rtc Saturday 15:00 15:25
Controlling media of ongoing calls with just a SIP Proxy
Enhanced media capabilities for calls going through a SIP Proxy
Razvan Crainea D.rtc Saturday 15:25 15:50
How to build SIP3 based solutions or Wangiri fraud detection example Oleg Agafonov D.rtc Saturday 15:50 16:15
Light RTPENGINE PROXY (LREPROXY) FOR KAMAILIO Mojtaba Esfandiari D.rtc Saturday 16:15 16:40
Pocket SIP Multi-Tools Kit Daniel-Constantin Mierla D.rtc Saturday 16:40 17:05
reSIProcate project news
An update on reSIProcate development
Daniel Pocock, Scott Godin D.rtc Saturday 17:05 17:30

Retrocomputing devroom (11)

Welcome to RetroComputing Devroom
Oldschool is beautiful
Pau Garcia Quiles (pgquiles), François Revol (mmu_man) D.retro Sunday 10:00 10:05
An emulator for my old system today and tomorrow ?
Thoughts and guidelines about digital preservation by/of emulators
Christophe Ponsard D.retro Sunday 10:05 10:30
Mouse integration for virtualized legacy operating systems Dmitriy Kostiuk D.retro Sunday 10:30 11:00
Scan2Run - Reviving old listings in MAME emulator
Open source toolchain for digital preservation
Christophe Ponsard D.retro Sunday 11:00 11:30
ZX Adventure
Writing a new game, for a 40 year old machine
Steven Goodwin D.retro Sunday 11:30 12:00
USB for a 1977 Keyboard Jeremy Ouellet (Angel) D.retro Sunday 13:00 13:30
Why your PC only has sixteen colors
And what is "Bright Black" anyway?
Jim Hall D.retro Sunday 13:30 13:45
RaSCSI for 68k Macs
Current status and roadmap for the project
Tony Kuker D.retro Sunday 14:00 15:00
Gemini, a modern protocol that looks retro
Back to the 1990s with a protocol and format to distribute real content, without tracking and visual effects
Stéphane Bortzmeyer D.retro Sunday 15:00 15:45 slides
Working on DOS in 2021
We're getting closer to FreeDOS 1.3
Jim Hall D.retro Sunday 16:00 17:00
Ada Lovelace and The Very First Computer Program Steven Goodwin D.retro Sunday 17:00 17:40

Safety and Open Source devroom (4)

Adding contracts to the GCC GNAT Ada standard libraries
to strengthen analysis provided by formal verification tools
Joffrey Huguet Saturday 11:00 11:30
Document security and digital signatures in PDF Matthias Valvekens Saturday 11:45 12:45
Proving heap-manipulating programs with SPARK
The SPARK open-source proof tool for Ada now supports verifying pointer-based algorithms thanks to an ownership policy inspired by Rust
Claire Dross Saturday 13:30 14:30
Community Discussion: Safety and Open Source Saturday 14:45 15:45

Software Composition devroom (19)

Software Composition Analysis Devroom Welcome
What is SCA?
Philippe Ombredanne D.composition Sunday 14:00 14:05
OSS Review Toolkit - project update Thomas Steenbergen D.composition Sunday 14:05 14:20
ScanCode projects update
Open source scanning
Philippe Ombredanne D.composition Sunday 14:20 14:35
FOSSology SCA integration Anupam Ghosh, Gaurav Mishra, shaheemazmalmmd D.composition Sunday 14:35 14:50
Open source scanning designed for modern development (DevOps) environments
Remco de Vries D.composition Sunday 14:50 15:05
Composition analysis of Docker images and other rootfs Philippe Ombredanne D.composition Sunday 15:05 15:20
OSS Projects Update - Concluding Q&A
This slot is for Q&A covering the preceding presentations
D.composition Sunday 15:20 15:30
Overview Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) Kate Stewart D.composition Sunday 15:30 15:35
Automating creation of Software Bills of Materials
Generating SPDX documents for CMake and Zephyr
Steve Winslow D.composition Sunday 15:35 15:50
CycloneDX Software Bill of Materials Patrick Dwyer D.composition Sunday 15:50 16:05
Double Open: An automated open source compliance pipeline for Yocto built on SPDX
Automating embedded Linux open source compliance with open tools
Mikko Murto D.composition Sunday 16:05 16:20
Eclipse SW360
Web application for managing software Bill-Of-Material
Smruti Prakash Sahoo D.composition Sunday 16:20 16:35
Software Composition and SBOM - Concluding Q&A
This slot is for Q&A covering the preceding presentations
D.composition Sunday 16:35 16:45
Building the world’s first free open source database of FOSS and their vulnerabilities.
Learn why and how we are building VulnerableCode, a free and open source database of FOSS components and their vulnerabilities.
Shivam Sandbhor D.composition Sunday 16:45 17:00
Evolving vulnerabilities in CycloneDX Gareth Rushgrove D.composition Sunday 17:00 17:15
DeepScan - assessing your code for effective licenses
Gaining insights and profit from sharing
Jan Thielscher D.composition Sunday 17:15 17:30
Automating your license compliance policy with OSS Review Toolkit Thomas Steenbergen D.composition Sunday 17:30 17:45
Usages of Software Composition - Concluding Q&A
This slot is for Q&A covering the preceding presentations
D.composition Sunday 17:45 17:55
Devroom Software Composition: Concluding Remarks Philippe Ombredanne, Michael Jaeger D.composition Sunday 17:55 18:00

Software Defined Networking devroom (12)

FastClick and Beyond: A Look at High-Speed Software Dataplanes and Their Upcoming Challenges
Click here to build your 100-Gbps router, load-balancer, firewall, NAT, DPI, and more!
Tom Barbette, Alireza Farshin D.sdn Sunday 13:00 13:20 slides
Born Ready for Secure Terabit Internet! Tooling for Benchmarking. Maciek Konstantynowicz D.sdn Sunday 13:20 13:55
Writing an Ostinato Protocol Builder
How to add more protocols to the Ostinato traffic generator
Srivats P D.sdn Sunday 13:55 14:15
hXDP: Efficient Software Packet Processing on FPGA NICs
Pushing XDP into SmartNICs
Marco Spaziani Brunella D.sdn Sunday 14:15 14:35
NoRouter: instant multi-cluster & multi-cloud container networking
No routing configuration is required. No root privilege is required.
Akihiro Suda D.sdn Sunday 14:35 14:55 slides
Optimizing External Kubernetes Traffic with Cloud Native SD-WAN
The Bridge Between the DevOps and NetOps Worlds
Lori Jakab D.sdn Sunday 14:55 15:30
Deploying eBPF, XDP & AF_XDP for Cloud Native
The challenges in deploying AF_XDP with Kubernetes
Dave Cremins, Gary Loughnane D.sdn Sunday 15:30 16:05
Calico/VPP : All You Can Eat Networking
Bringing Kubernetes Goodness to your Hungriest Workloads
Aloys Augustin, Casey Davenport D.sdn Sunday 16:05 16:40
Using WireGuard VPN
with docker-scripts
Dashamir Hoxha D.sdn Sunday 16:40 17:00 slides paper
Fast Wireguard Mesh: VPP + wgsd + wg = ❤
Interconnect your services with taste
Benoît Ganne D.sdn Sunday 17:00 17:20
Is your elephant a gazelle?
How to accelerate IPsec elephant flows
Fan Zhang D.sdn Sunday 17:20 17:40 slides
Community ID Flow Hashing
Simple flow tuple correlation for Zeek, Suricata, and beyond
Christian Kreibich D.sdn Sunday 17:40 18:00

Software Defined Storage devroom (6)

Benchmarking S3 in Ceph with COSBench Danny Abukalam D.sds Saturday 11:00 11:30
What's new in Ceph RGW Pritha Srivastava, Shilpa Jagannath D.sds Saturday 11:40 12:20
SMB3 Overboard
An Offload Engine for NASty Networks
Christopher Hertel D.sds Saturday 12:30 13:10
Replicated block storage automation with LINSTOR
Using LINSTOR as an SDS provider for container and virtualization platforms
Robert Altnoeder D.sds Saturday 13:20 14:20
What’s next after CSI? An introduction to Object Storage for Kubernetes
Moving beyond file and block storage in Kubernetes
Jiffin Tony Thottan, Krish Chowdhary D.sds Saturday 14:30 15:00
Ceph RGW Message Queue API for Serverless Computing Yuval Lifshitz, Huamin Chen D.sds Saturday 15:10 16:10

Testing and Automation devroom (11)

Welcome to Testing and Automation devroom Alexander Todorov, Cyril Hrubis, Anders Roxell D.testing Saturday 10:00 10:10 slides slides
KernelCI has passed the test. Over to you!
The first year as a LF project has been a success. Now it's time to involve a wider community.
Guillaume Tucker D.testing Saturday 10:10 11:10
Reliably reproducing kernel data races
From userland with LTP FuzzySync
Richard Palethorpe D.testing Saturday 11:10 11:55 slides slides
A Comparison of ftrace and LTTng for Tracing Baremetal and Virtualized Workloads Dario Faggioli, Emilio Bruno D.testing Saturday 11:55 12:25
About the joy and tears of testing Embedded Devices Chris Fiege D.testing Saturday 12:25 13:05
Interactive debugging inside CI systems
Genesis and future of the spread tool
Zygmunt Krynicki D.testing Saturday 13:35 14:35
TDD: seriously, try it ! Nacho Cougil D.testing Saturday 14:35 15:20
Unit Testing Ansible Roles using TDD with Molecule Lionel LONKAP TSAMBA D.testing Saturday 15:20 16:20
Daily Deploys with 6500+ Automated Tests powered by Open Source Antoine Craske D.testing Saturday 16:20 16:55
Testing Visual Studio Code extensions Dan Čermák D.testing Saturday 16:55 17:30
QAOps - The Latest Trend in QA & Software Delivery Marcela State D.testing Saturday 17:30 18:00 slides

Tool The Docs devroom (9)

Make Git-free contributions a reality
(for your Docs as Code project)
Gaurav Nelson Sunday 13:30 14:00
Taming the 'Saurus
My experiments with the Docusaurus
Divya Mohan Sunday 14:00 14:30
Docs-as-Code with AsciiDoc & docToolchain
A journey to the limits
Ralf Müller Sunday 14:30 15:00
Creating a documentation site for users with AsciiDoc and Antora Alexander Schwartz Sunday 15:00 15:30
On The Fast Track to Station
The Transformation of a Docs Portal Into a Docs Platform Tool
Ben Greenberg Sunday 15:30 16:00
20 years with DocBook
Experiences from the PostgreSQL project
Peter Eisentraut Sunday 16:00 16:30
Check you links with Link Check suite
Benefits of using Markdown Link Check
Nicolas Massart Sunday 16:30 17:00
Automate IaC documentations with terraform-docs
Introduction to terraform-docs and a showcase of a real world example
Martin Etmajer, Khosrow Moossavi Sunday 17:00 17:30
An documentation workflow loved by both Data Scientists and Engineers
Using Pandoc with VCS and CI/CD
Colin Dean Sunday 17:30 18:00

Virtualization and IaaS devroom (8)

KubeVirt opinionated deployment via Hyperconverged Cluster Operator
How deploy KubeVirt and several adjacent operators with ease
Simone Tiraboschi D.virtualization Saturday 10:00 10:45
KubeVirt: privilege dropping one capability at a time Miguel Barroso D.virtualization Saturday 10:45 11:30
Leveraging virtio-vsock in the cloud and containers
A communication channel for isolated workloads
Andra Paraschiv, Stefano Garzarella D.virtualization Saturday 11:30 12:15
ML inference acceleration for lightweight VMMs Anastassios Nanos D.virtualization Saturday 12:15 13:00
Operator SDK use case: virtual machine import to KubeVirt Jakub Dżon D.virtualization Saturday 13:00 13:45
oVirt monitoring with Grafana & advanced options Shirly Radco D.virtualization Saturday 13:45 14:30
Serverless Computing with OpenNebula
Running Containers as Firecracker MicroVMs at the Edge
Christian Gonzalez D.virtualization Saturday 14:30 15:15
Severely Debloating Cloud Images with Unikraft Simon Kuenzer D.virtualization Saturday 15:15 16:00 slides

Web Performance devroom (8)

What if "browser issues" were our issue?
Crossing the line between web development and browser/standard development
Noam Rosenthal D.web.performance Sunday 14:00 14:30
Using the Firefox Profiler for web performance analysis Nazım Can Altınova D.web.performance Sunday 14:30 15:05
How to read a WebPageTest waterfall chart Matthew Hobbs D.web.performance Sunday 15:05 15:35
Analysing QUIC and HTTP/3 traffic with qlog and qvis Robin Marx D.web.performance Sunday 15:35 16:05
Building a greener web
Patterns and tooling for carbon aware web performance
Chris Adams D.web.performance Sunday 16:05 16:35 video
Making RUM Responsive Tim Vereecke D.web.performance Sunday 16:35 17:00
WebPageTest Update and License discussion Patrick Meenan D.web.performance Sunday 17:00 17:25
Mathematics and development of fast TLS handshakes Alexander Krizhanovsky D.web.performance Sunday 17:25 18:00 video

Zig Programming Language devroom (4)

Welcome to the Zig Programming Language Loris Cro D.zig Saturday 13:45 14:45
Zig: the perfect language for a wayland compositor?
Bringing increased type safety to libwayland and wlroots
Isaac Freund D.zig Saturday 14:45 15:45
Mach-O linker in Zig: linking in the era of Apple Silicon Jakub Konka D.zig Saturday 15:45 17:00
Create an Android Application with Zig
Some people said, you need Java to create an Android app. They were wrong!
Felix "xq" Queißner D.zig Saturday 17:00 18:00

Amateur radio (ham radio) stand (0)

Box86 stand (0)

Checkmk stand (0)

CiviCRM stand (0)

Debian stand (0)

Foreman stand (0)

FOSSASIA stand (0)

FreeBSD Project stand (0)

Free Software Foundation Europe stand (0)

GitLab stand (0)

Google Summer of Code stand (0)

Haiku stand (0)

Jenkins stand (0)

KDE Community stand (0)

Kiwi TCMS stand (0)

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LibreOffice stand (0)

MariaDB Foundation stand (0)

Matrix stand (1)

A test stand event S.matrix Saturday 10:00 10:15

Mautic stand (0)

MIT App Inventor stand (0)

Nextcloud Hub stand (0)

ntop stand (0)

ONLYOFFICE stand (0)

OpenEmbedded stand (0)

OpenHarmony Project stand (0)

OpenMandriva stand (0)

Open Source Initiative stand (0)

OpenTAP stand (0)

OpenUK stand (0)

openwifi stand (0)

OW2 Open Source Community stand (0)

Pharo stand (0)

PostgreSQL stand (0)

Pulp stand (0)

ReactOS stand (0)

RefPerSys stand (0)

School of AI Port Haarcourt stand (0)

schul-frei stand (0)

Sesame Discovery stand (0)

The Apache Software Foundation stand (0)

The Eclipse Foundation stand (0)

The Fedora Project stand (0)

The GNOME Foundation stand (0)

The LibreSOC Project stand (0)

Thola and NESi stand (0)

Tracim stand (0)

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XCP-ng stand (0)

XWiki & CryptPad stand (0)

YottaDB stand (0)

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